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The ones yet to confess…

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Deber:

The ones yet to confess

Humberto VacaflorA disturbing silence reigns in the inner circles of collaborators of the President after the serious charges made by Marcelo Soza and Fabricio Ormachea. Of all the allegations mentioned by, only the ‘vice’ showed he has not lost his speech, when he said he does not own La Razon. Elaborated on the theme of its director this morning, whose husband enjoys a diplomatic post abroad, and said, in effect, the owner of the newspaper is the Venezuelan Carlos Gil, not the vice president. But others alluded by the allegations remain silent, starting with the Minister of the Presidency, the Defense and the talkative Deputy Minister of Government.

Nor has there been any reaction to the complaint made by Humberto Roca on the ‘rough’ way that would have occurred in the purchase of the PAT network by a friend of the government. The country’s media have said, the worthy, quite rightly, that Bolivia needs an explanation from the Government on these complaints, but a serious explanation. Repeat, as do other media, whistleblowers are ‘corrupt confessed’, echoing the words of the president is, at least, to make the role of accomplices. Some columnists have said that the ‘corrupt confessed’ explains nothing. The phrase is used by the president with some frequency, even for those who are not fugitives from their government. Referring to all presidents, even said it was the “corrupt union confessed,” but then made peace, and even made some deals, with some of them.

For the alluded by Ormachea and Soza, they are key pieces of the President’s campaign. If they admitted the charges contained in the complaints would become ‘corrupt confessed’ and cease to help the campaign. Apart from these electoral details, the concern is that it is becoming custom that the corrupt are punished, reviled and pointed out only when they are confessed. For those who are not corrupt confessed, i.e. not admitting their crimes, can they continue in office?


And so the political party in government… breeds this type of individuals…