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No fair solution to the assaults on land tenure in Santa Cruz

En Editorial from El Diario:

No fair solution to the assaults on land tenure in Santa Cruz

El Diario logoIn over thirty cattle farms in Santa Cruz, they are vainly expecting the authorities to compel on the assailants, to return those properties that vandalism grabbed, without respecting other people’s property or the rights of others; people who, for their propensity to crime, seize other people’s property. The situation is much more serious when you consider other cases of attacks on farms, and upon those claims to the authorities, they hear or do nothing or if they do, they leave it hanging “indefinitely,” the problem is routed by channels of justice and finally proceed with the return to their rightful owners.

The assailants of these private belongings believe that people’s work is their property; considered likely that “others must work for them,” because they are incapable of strive for means to enable them, through honest and responsible work legitimately acquire what their ambition would want them to own.

The situation is very serious if you consider that there is no authority to stop these abuses, and one judiciary to investigate and justice. Everything is left to the will of those who need to be gossiping, they are sure to be able to act with immunity for their crimes go unpunished.

The Government, the authorities of the government, the courts, the command & ground Police are aware of these facts and allow attackers to held what rightfully belongs to those who have founded estates, farms and fields of food and livestock feed; efforts and sacrifices are often been implicated privations of all kinds, to make these properties to be productive and profitable.

The herds of cattle that they owned these ranches have involved many financial efforts to acquire cattle breed; sacrifices have been made to increase the number of them and have protected their property with care and dedication; however, nothing to do with the assault of which have suffered because criminals certainly believe they have the support of some authority.

The police by a basic sense of fairness and justice of the central government, governor’s office, and judicial authorities should adopt attitudes to these problems and solve them in less time, since the actual holders of all such properties, could claim any legal measure, leaning on the effect of the agricultural census and other government measures. No remedy on this unfair situation mean simply lack of determination and character to enforce the law, to preserve the property of others and prevent future similar or worse assaults committed to private property.

While cases of robberies in Santa Cruz, Beni and other parts of the country do not have the proper solutions, the channel for similar offenses committed is open and responsibility, sooner or later, will be foisted to those who have failed or have not wanted to put remedies.


2014-04-28 09.48.00 amThis cartoon, also from El Diario, April 28, 2014 depicts our tragic and frustrating reality… the sign reads “land invaders”:

Under current coca-grower ruling ochlocracy, the lynching, violent take over land, farms, ranches and mining concessions are only showing the true face of a government who is completely inept to lead our country.