Governmental lies regarding coca crop expansion…

Humberto Vacaflor’s analysis regarding how current ochlocracy is destroying our beautiful Bolivia, Humberto writes in El Deber:

Coca simulations

Humberto VacaflorThe Government says that coca’s 2010 report was wrong. The EU says that it has waited “too long” for that report. And Juan del Granado says that, according to the document, it only takes 6,000 hectares of coca to satisfy the legal demand [chewing consumption and coca tea]. Everything indicates that the famous report is the result of the sum of the simulations that surround the millionaire coca business, remains unanswered.

The simulation with which Evo Morales became President said that the coca fields of the Chapare are not illegal and ‘surplus’ (only exceed those authorized by law), a euphemism which only Bolivians understand. The coca is ‘the sacred leaf’ and not going to drug trafficking. Thus it is by simulating that 94% of the Chapare coca is not raw drug trafficking material, settled in that area since October 2000, when husbands Andrade, were killed and consolidated with the expulsion of the DEA, in 2006. The cocaine, which is exported to Argentina is not taken into account, although add thousands of tons per year.

For that, there are two simulations that must be set for this. Authorities of Bolivia and Argentina must simulate not be aware of that, according to the UN, that coca is a drug itself: send it from one country to another is drug trafficking. Also it should simulate that figures on the total surface of the coca fields do not include already the ones taken from national parks, one of them occupied by armed groups of the FARC. Therefore, if you exclude all of these, the result of the sum will be ridiculous. And that is what happened with the report of coca. The commandments of the faith of the masismo do not resist any confrontation with reality.

Our President was not leader of the illegal coca growers, but of the surplus. If coca goes to drug trafficking, it is because the gringos consume it. The growers have no other economic activity at their fingertips. The parks must be invaded by the ‘intercultural’ people, another euphemism, instead of calling them as the front lines of the coca growers. Caring for parks and biodiversity is an imposition of the imperialism. This is shameful.

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