Bolivian young man created Android applications for the visually impaired – Victor Hugo Sanjinez

Roxana Escobar reports for El Deber:

Young man created Android applications for the visually impaired

It allows users to be assisted using voice commands

2013-07-18 11.30.05 amMobilization for blind people. The project that gave Víctor Hugo Sanjinez, student of San Francisco Xavier University, a special mention among 47 university students who presented proposals to the competition Innova Bolivia, made recently in La Paz.

The project consists of three applications for Android mobile phones: communication, mobilization and assisted information; they are intended for blind people. This innovative application allows people with this type of limitation to be assisted by voice command to facilitate their mobilization, spatial location and, in the future, listen to news online.

He is a systems engineer

This 25 year old young man, born in Chuquisaca, is a graduate of the career of systems engineering, although when he graduated from high-school, he planned to study financial management, but one of his classmates convinced him to chose systems engineering, because while they were at school they used to play on the computer and, in the end, he decided to become a systems engineer.

He says that from the outset, he was much interested in his career. He began immersed in depth with JAVA programming, then passed to computer security with BackTrack, continued with artificial intelligence studying neural networks, genetic algorithms, and fuzzy logic, and is now in mobile applications with Android.

Telefónica will implement it

As a reward for the effort of the young entrepreneur and supporting his initiative, the Tigo company phone not only will implement this application on their Android smartphones, but also joined Sanjinez to their team. “It is a pride to support Bolivian initiatives that not only demonstrate a high spirit of entrepreneurship, but also because they constitute tools so that people with any physical limitations will have access to new technologies,” said Nadia Eid, Tigo Communications Manager.

Good use of technology

Victor Hugo ensures that technology must always be present, but should be good use of it. “We must create, investigate and generate knowledge, so our ideas will make reality, nobody says that it will be easy, but the truth is that it just depends on one’s self to achieve our dreams.”

This is not his only achievement, also won second place in the first Conference on research in computer science and telecommunication 2011, in Sucre, with the project genetic algorithms applied to the optimization of the design of networks. He also got an scholarship attained by the Sucre project – a university city, to study at the local Cisco Academy, and in 2012, got another international scholarship to study at the Universidad Pública de Navarra (Spain).

We need more people like Victor Hugo Sanjinez, I welcome him to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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