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Recipe to get rid of a lousy central Bolivian government!

Susana Seleme wonderfully points out what is clearly evident! she writes for El Deber:

And how do we throw them out?

Susana SelemeWith votes, I replied to a good friend who is in political exile, he was asking me how to expel those who exert political power with undemocratic and authoritarian spirit. That dialogue of freethinkers revolved around my previous article, where I reproduced the phrase of the ‘vice’: “We must discard all of them” – to the football players, he said – while there are many of us  that think that the ones who should be thrown away is all the of the MAS.

I also wrote that I hope they will go in 2014. I hold it today and will uphold it until they go or we throw them out of the power that they believe has no date or schedule in the calendar. And we dispose them with votes, many votes and more votes. In a democracy, is the only way to remove those politicians who won elections, with mermaid melodies and often with manipulation of the voting citizen, but with tricks they were able to usurp the rule of law, the presumption of innocence, the right to life, due process, respect for human rights, pluralist democracy, free thought, criticism, to rebel against tyrants, among other rights. I used the verb usurp, adjusting to the definition of the Real Academia de la Lengua [Spanish Royal Academy of the Language]: “Seize a property or a right that rightfully belongs to another, usually with violence”. What have made Evo Morales and company to the process of change, or the corrupt and corrupting program “Evo meets”.

It will not be easy to beat them after seven years of concentration of power under the autocratic impulses of the President and his chameleon-like Lieutenant, the ‘vice’ [VP]. But it is not impossible. To thrown them out, in addition to votes, the unity of the opposition – even dispersed – political spectrum and the construction of the proposed policy of unit requires to save the country from the scourge of the imposters. From those who present themselves as Democrats, but prostitute the values of democracy and undergo political and civil sphere to the populist demagoguery.

Bolivian society knows to build unity projects, such as the Popular Democratic Unity (UDP), who contemptuously reduce to the economic crisis suffered in their era (1982-1985) and belittle its greatest achievement: the restoration of democracy after 18 years of military dictatorships. There is also the example of the recent experience of unity in Beni, where the pro-Government candidate was defeated. Today we can again restore democracy through the unit to a desired political project, which is possible if we unite us all, Democrats against usurpers.

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