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This large market called USA and Bolivian opportunities!

IMG_0873On this special day, my salute and recognition to the people of the USA. I got my BS/BA as well as my Masters over there. I had the privilege to have wonderful American friends. And during all my professional life, I had the opportunity to work for US based international organizations, on apolitical sustainable development programs in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. So, there is no doubt when I say, I like and admire the USA, and more specially today, on its independence day!

What a better homage on this special day than to offer Gary’s opinion!

Gary Antonio Rodriguez Alvarez writes for El Deber:

This large market called USA

Gary RodriguezWith little more than 300 million people, the United States of America is one of the world’s most desired markets, and nobody in their right mind could deny it. The importance of such voracious market is evidenced when in year 2012, it  bought to the world a whopping $2,335,000,000,000 dollars (2.3 billion) [which in US terms I would say is a trillion].

It is so large the ability of consumption – and payment – of the US, that its buyer’s frenzy last year led it to import almost $6.4 billion dollars per day, 267 million per hour, about five million dollars per minute, $75,000 per second! United States, in less than two days, it is enough to buy all exported by Bolivia to the world for a year–12 billion – while the 1,717 million that we sold to the United States amounted to only 6.5 hours of import.

What if we compare in terms of annual production of goods and services capabilities! Bolivian GDP is almost 600 times smaller than the American; in other words, it would take to the US, less than a week regardless of all the national production and only 15 hours a year, to consume all Bolivian production. The US market is very important for Bolivia – we sell more than 300 products per year, being the first purchaser for not only various minerals, but also coffee, quinoa, chestnut, jewelry, wood, etc. But there is one more important fact: without considering the sales of gas to Brazil and Argentina, USA is the country that qualitatively purchases higher value and more goods from Bolivia: is the main market for our manufactured products, value-added products that generate thousands of jobs for Bolivians.

2013-07-03 10.11.15 amUSA is the bigger market, more transparent, more predictable and better paying of the world. That is why everybody is after it, beginning by Communist China and Viet Nam, despite the war in the 1970s. Venezuela looks for it also, which has the United States as its first purchaser of oil and, in addition, as its main supplier of hundreds of products coming to the Venezuelan market, despite the existing ideological disaffection, confirming that one thing is the policy and another thing is business.

Despite all the economic crises that happened and the fatalistic predictions of its downfall, USA — the main exponent of the reviled capitalist system – continues to be the greatest power and can assure that it will continue as long as it meets with its national slogan that reads: “In God we trust”.


To all my American friends out there and those Bolivians who have a life over there, warmest regards, enjoy the fireworks and a good BBQ!!