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The truth about Samaipata archaeological ruins!

This article is needed to clarify perceptions and “knowledge” about beautiful Samaipata ruins, after all it belongs to ALL Bolivians!

Pictures displayed of Samaipata, come from this link.

Bismark A. Cuellar Chavez writes for El Deber:

Clarification on the Samaipata Fortress

2013-07-01 08.58.57 amI was surprised with the news that were published on Saturday, on page A-4, in which the journalist Paura Rodríguez indicates wrongly that the Samaipata Fortress is an “Inca ceremonial center”, while in the Brujula [compass] supplement, journalist Marcelo Suárez has clearly captured the conclusions of the I Encuentro Sudamericano [first South American encounter] of historians brilliantly captured in a full report and in which it was concluded that the monument was built by Amazon hands (chane-arawak), aspect that was recognized by the great teacher and Peruvian expert Waldemar Espinoza. He said that “had come with doubts about the builders and function serving the Fort” and that he would leave with no doubt about both aspects, since he was very convinced that the builders were chanes (arawaks) and the function of the monument was cosmic calendar, which won him that attendees provide a warm applause.

It’s uncomfortable to see the publications constantly adding value to foreign cultures and to marginalize our. We offer to El Deber the footage of each of the dissertations so they can verify what is here being expressed.

2013-07-01 08.59.25 amAs Mr. Suárez expresses, there was a discussion with Ms. Maria of the Ángeles Muñoz, but not only with me, did so with all the panelists from Santa Cruz, because we showed that all western [west side of Bolivia, mainly the highlands and valleys] advertising on the inca presence in the east was not as representative as ‘sold’ in the media. And their greater rage, she and other representatives from Cochabamba, was because they could not refute the evidence presented by the Santa Cruz representatives. It became the rage of the cochabambinos so that one of them questioned why Santa Cruz people were invited to participate in that event “that was theirs”. Given such insult, cruceño representatives did show our disagreement by such assertions, first because a scientific event has no owner and, second, because they were in “our House” and won’t come to insult us or distort our history here and exclude us

Historical researcher


It is sad to see people confronted in the manner shown above, however it is also important to learn and know the truth.