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In Bolivia, only 8% of some 200 brands are domestic

Excerpt of a good report on Bolivian companies, from El Deber:

In Bolivia, only 8% of some 200 brands are domestic

Sector. In the country there are 27 Argentine brands, being 70 per cent of clothing. The struggle for the creation of a Chamber.

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In Bolivia there are at least 200 franchises, 92% of foreign firms and 8% of national companies, mainly in the sectors of food, clothing, education, services and realtors, among others. Thus agreed Sergio Loma, Manager of Ventura Mall and the Argentine consulting firm Estudio Canudas.

According to Carlos Canudas, owner of Estudio Canudas, franchises in the countries of the region begins at the hands of foreign brands related to the centers, fast food or ‘fast food’ (burgers, pizza, chicken, coffee, among others), real estate and restaurants. According to the expert, the ‘cousins’ of the franchises are malls as “the mall need brands and brands, operators, and the union is achieved by contract with the franchising”.

In Santa Cruz, international firms such as Hard Rock Cafe, McDonalds, Starbucks coffee, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Cinnabon, Mr. Pretzels, Yogen Früz, Coldwell Banker, Yogurberry and Blueberry, among others already have booked some malls and supermarket chains in the country. Jorge Schaymann, Member of the Group Rocket SRL, confirmed the opening in December of the international Hard Rock Café in Santa Cruz.

Alfredo Troche, Bolivian Food Manager who has the franchise of Subway and Burger King in Bolivia said that near one million dollars were invested to build the great Burger King Center in the Santa Cruz capital and they plan to open two more of similar size in the coming months.

Troche is also Vice-President of the Chamber of Franchises which is still in the process of opening and Miguel Ordoñez presides over it. “It will guide to make contacts with companies from abroad and vice versa, in addition to the training,” he said.

According to the Ibero-American Franchise Federation, comprising 11 countries, Brazil led the ranking of franchises with 2031 brands of which 95% are national, followed by Mexico with 1,013 marks until the beginning of 2012. Estudio Canudas claimed that some 27 Argentine brands have a presence in Bolivia, of which 70% are from clothing and 7 per cent of meals.

… [use link below to read more about some of those businesses, in Spanish]