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Why Brazil “allows” current Bolivian gov bravado?

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Deber:

Dilma, Evo, hatreds and OAS

Humberto VacaflorOn May 1, 2006, Dilma Rousseff was the Minister of Energy of Lula da Silva and received a bucket of cold water from the spectacle of ‘nationalization’ offered by the new Government of Evo Morales in the San Alberto field. She came to Bolivia to talk with the President. The Brazilian Embassy requested the interview. She went to the Palace in the early morning hours, as it was agreed; she waited three hours, in vain, and then departed. She had been humiliated. Say close witnesses that the President did not want to treat such an important issue with such petty authority. And, incidentally, a woman.

Few months earlier, President Morales had given a sample of little sympathy that felt for Brazil and his little knowledge of history. Confused times and spaces to say that Brazil obtained the territory of Acre in exchange for a horse.

Anyway, Lula felt sympathy for the Bolivian President for that of the ethnic charm. Relations between the two countries exceeded first trauma because the nationalization was exhausted in the show. Over time, the oil companies again have the same or better conditions.

Lula had good things, but he should be replaced, because he didn’t want to be re-re-elected. And he was replaced by Dilma. The triumph she had in the elections was congratulated by all of Brazil’s neighbouring Presidents, but one: second humiliation. The President himself was not invited to the possession. He was the only absentee.

Dilma left in the position of Ambassador to the man who had been proposed by Marco Aurelio Garcia, Lula Advisor with greater ideological identification with Morales. But things were not good. Hostile searches of the Brazilian military aircraft were given at that time. It is the style: to the enemies, get them with everything at hand.

It was in May of this year that Dilma and Morales became friends. They met in Africa. They were the only Latin American Presidents at the meeting Africa-America Latina. They talked for several hours. She understands with some difficulty Spanish, and Morales speaks it.

What has allowed the two Governments to be supportive among each other, has been the contract with the OAS [not refers the Organization of American States but the name of a Brazilian construction company]. With this contract, the workers ‘ Party and the movement toward socialism were brothers. Although the company has left the scene, the brothers have things to fix. And the road by the Tipnis should be done, yes or yes.


… and in the meantime, Senator Roger Pinto remains without the safe conduct in the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz, while current Bolivian government approves the right to political asylum without restrictions [Mercosur]!! who understand this??!!! http://www.eldiario.net/noticias/2013/2013_07/nt130723/principal.php?n=132&-resolucion-de-mercosur-reconoce-derecho-de-asilo-sin-restricciones