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Bolivia’s current presidential double standards! ENOUGH!!

Carlos Toranzo Roca writes in Pagina Siete:

Double standards

Carlos ToranzoYes, it came as a gift, the aerial incident that happened in Europe, because from it, Evo Morales used it as one of his most prized weapons: the victimization. He returned to say that he suffered those affronts because he was indigenous, for being revolutionary, being anti-imperialist. So far he is still using that episode for his 2014 electoral campaign. But, Brazil showed that Morales’ Government made three times those insults, also to official aircraft and authorities of that country. But Evo Morales hid the hand, he says that he knew nothing. His Cabinet acolytes indicate that such violations of the rights of Brazilians were jokes from the press, which was disinformation because the press does not do research. What remains as a certainty, this topic as in others, there is a double moral of the Government and its Chief. What happened in Europe is to be questioned, but here the same was done worse.

But the victimization of the “indigenous” continues; he doesn’t hesitate to justify the repression over Chaparina indigenous people; the Embassy at the United Nations was awarded to one of the operators of the repression. It is that the President is not indigenous, he is coca grower, is – like many – someone who was born in an indigenous community, but that quickly migrated to the city, he was educated in both primary and secondary schools; his career, like any mestizo, was as trumpeter’s band in Oruro, from there he migrated to the Chapare and became cocalero, unionist and leader of the coca growers. This is his strongest identity, that supports everything that has to do with the coca growers and, therefore, attacks the Indians. But, for export – and this pays him much -, is presented as indigenous, when in-country is anti-indigenous. Again, double standards. In his stages of cocalero leader, when he was blocking the country, he questioned the presence of police officers in the marches, indicated that this was a violation of the human rights of the blockers. But now when he uses their infiltrators to destroy the indigenous people of the Protest-march in defense of the TIPNIS, he justifies his own police infiltrators. Again, shows a double morality.

Morales drives economic statism, wants to nationalize everything, but does not impose State control to the coca growers, leaves them to remain deeply Liberal, in a land, as the Chapare, where the State does not exist, where there is no law, where even police officers are killed, and there is no trial for the killers. Again, double morality.

That same leader dictates the law of mother earth, says that he will defend the environment, but, in practice, leads to what is the destruction of nature, even of the natural parks, urges extractivist developmentalism which shows no affection nor no care to the environment. Again double standards. Makes extreme defense of Snowden and of political asylum, offers asylum to the American, but does not recognize the Bolivian person right to seek asylum in the Embassy of Brazil. Again, double morality.

When he rose to power, he spoke of the need for austerity within the Government, he attacked the wastage made by the neo-Liberals, condemned the excesses of the State’s expenditure in times of neoliberalism. But already in power, bought a very expensive [and luxurious] plane for personal use; he spends millions on his travels. Now, he doesn’t hesitate to say that he will buy more planes – for the electoral campaign – for his public servants and acolytes, for those who want Bolivians to pray, at dawn and dusk for the health of Tata Morales [Father]; that is moral-les[s] of who wants to be a candidate again. Then to criticize the excessive spending of the past, invoking austerity and, once in power, millionaires’ spending, implies, again, the presence of a double standard.

During his election campaign of 2005, he attacked the corruption of neo-Liberals, he criticized the prebendal use, clientage and heritage of power. But now in the Government, “his” program “Evo meets” does not comply with the minimum standards of control of expenditure by the State; the Comptroller looks elsewhere or justifies the expense, even when there are funds that do not enter the TGN [National General Treasury]. That program, “Evo meets”, is the symbol of the corruption and the lack of State control and lack of control of expenditures. Now he does, multiplied by 100, what he criticized neo-Liberals. Double standard again. And there is still even more.

Carlos Toranzo is an economist.


I really praise and admire people like Toranzo, who writes Bolivian history as it happens. Current central government spends millions of dollars in radio, TV, press broadcasts of only the things he deems useful for his ultimate purpose, like Goebbels, he manipulates to a degree… but the truth will prevail!