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Why does Bolivia have a black hole!? Who is responsible for this??!!

Great but sad reality by Humberto Vacaflor Ganam who writes for El Deber:

A black hole

Humberto VacaflorThe journalist Jorge Lanata showed two weeks ago how to pass thousands of tons of products from Bolivia to Argentina through the border towns of Yacuiba, Bermejo and Villazon. Few hours ago, the Salta Senator Juan Carlos Romero, former governor of his province, asked Mrs. Cristina Fernández “a final solution to the grave situation on the northern border of the country.” due to the advance [incursion] of groups linked to smuggling and drug trafficking

Two allegations of Lanata and Romero, allude to the smuggling into Argentine territory from Bolivia. Journalist calls for solutions to the Argentine Government and the Peronist Senator does the same; no one even mentioned the responsibility of the Bolivian Government. This seems to result from the belief, that is spreading throughout the region that Bolivia is not a country, but a black hole in the Southern Cone of America. The goods passing through three border points reported by Lanata comes to Bolivia from Iquique. There are thousands of tons of all kinds of goods which end in Argentina. The only thing produced in Bolivia on that charge is the coca or cocaine. The rest are knitted garments made in other continents, appliances, tools, lingerie, etc.

Thousands of tons per day. Showed it Lanata on TV. The Argentine authorities felt some embarrassment. Bolivian authorities did not even felt alluded. The show was devastating, for Argentines. For Bolivians, no effect. This is the territory that the sins are exported to the region. What was dramatic was the denunciation of Romero, from the politicalparty whichi is in the Government of Argentina: “the death of seven people in the past nine days, the clash between gendarmes [policemen] and merchandise transporters (from Bolivia) with fatal balance and the huge number of young people stalked by the advance of the paco (cocaine) are just some of the everyday references that highlights the gravity of the situation”.

Bolivia has become a cancer for the entire region. Brazil has thousands of soldiers on its border with Bolivia to prevent the entry of drugs. Argentina observes how the cancer takes over the provinces bordering Bolivia. Are the Bolivians, really, not going to react?



This is happening while current central Bolivian government portrays bonanza…