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What is behind the “rationale” of current central Bolivian gov? and OUR future?!

Renzo Abruzzese writes in El Deber:

And after the orgy?

Renzo AbruzzeseAn infiltrated female agent starring across a scene of abuses and mistreats to the Chancellor in Chaparina. A Chancellor exposing himself as repressive bait, mysteriously the infiltrated disappears from the stage. The Chancellor is left in ridicule. The bosses of the infiltrated say she asked to go on holiday due to stress. Opposition calls for the resignation of the Chancellor, as he engaged in such plot. A commissioned group of anti-narcotics police requisitioned three times Brazilian diplomatic airplanes. A former senior official of the Government, now imprisoned for extortion, gives details of the way these traps are set and prefabricating crimes are made in an almost novelistic form. Meanwhile, the Government articulated an international outcry with regard to the refusal of overflight that four European countries gave to the presidential plane, embarrassing event which is declared an attack on the dignity and the life of the President is tipped against the Government, which claims respect and observance of international standards while he, in turn, violates them.

Communication Minister declares that the allegation concerning recalls of Brazilian aircraft are false, the President ratifies it, the masista members argue that it’s media actions, intended to affect the image of the most democratic Government in the world, as soon as they end up giving their fiery arguments, the Brazilian Foreign Minister makes the official complaint: it wasn’t one, they were three airplanes on three different occasions that were seized illegally and in an  abusive way.

Machiavelli described the cold political calculus equation, taught the Princes to move at a time when feudal power was coming down, the genius of Machiavelli settled in a glimpse, how would politics in modernity and its limits look alike. However, he came short, he never thought that the lust for power would take the characters of an orgy. Now, they do not care if they violate international rights, if the reason is denigrated, if the lie takes strength of natural law; anything goes in the heat of the orgy. The same thing happened to Stalin, who ended up in the Gallery of the most brutal dictators along with Hitler and Mussolini, it cost him the hatred of his people, Hitler suicide shot and Mussolini and Petacci – her lover – the gallows and contempt. There is no orgy that will last a thousand years and even less for one to end up well.

* Sociologist


Renzo describes without any hesitance how life has changed in our beautiful country…