One of our own became a world leader! Sor Rossana Gonzalez Weise

Nicole Nostas reports for El Deber:


The Sisters’ of the Franciscan Angelinas elected a Bolivian to be their leader

Sor Rossana Gonzalez will be the holder of the religious congregation for six years. Her family is proud

2013-07-17 08.13.49 amThe 8th of this month, the Santa Cruz Sor Rossana González Weise was elected Mother General of the Congregation of Sisters Franciscan Angelina during the 21st General Chapter, which takes place in Rome (Italy).

Sor Rossana represented during three years the congregations of Bolivia and Argentina, which brings together 60 religious. The new Mother General will assume leadership for six years, said sister Claudia Gómez. The religious community is present in Bolivia since 1949.

In the Santa Cruz Department, the Angelinas work in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Chiquitos, Montero and Puerto Suarez. They perform works of social good and have under their management, the Uboldi private high-school and San Martin public high-school, located in the 4 de Noviembre neighborhood.

The Mission of the Angelinas is characterized by the needs of each locality, therefore providing services in the field of education and parish Ministry.

Vocation of service

The news of her appointment took by surprise her relatives and friends of the school Uboldi class of 1980, where she was academically trained.

The fifth of six brothers is a proud reason to her acquaintances, since, according to Mariel Palma, former school-mate, is the first time that a religious Latin American assumes leadership of the Sister Congregation of Franciscan Angelinas.

“We have received the news with pride, love and solidarity for the responsibility she has assumed,” said his brother Javier Gonzalez, at the time where he stressed that the philosophy of the community is based on humility, virtue that always characterized her.

According to Palma, Rossana since she was small stood out for having good character, being restless and very intelligent. “She has qualities to drawing, plastic arts and music. At school she sang and played the guitar, I think she carries in her blood,” she said.

As any other young woman of her age, Rossana analyzed her opportunities upon leaving high school. Through a system of grants went to Italy to get trained in plastic arts, staying at the Congregation of the sisters, who awoke in her the spirituality and experience which allowed her to identify her vocation of service. Now she is the leader of the congregation on an international scale.

“I think that for her, the appointment also was a surprise,” highlights her brother, who is expecting her in Santa Cruz on July 20th. Meanwhile, her former classmates are organizing to send photographs and greetings cards, happy for her appointment.



The Sister Congregation of Franciscan Angelina was born under the guidance of the mother Clara Ricci, in Castelpina (Italy).


In 1949, eight Italian missionaries first reached the country. Currently, 60 angelinas work in 4 locations.


The Congregation is at the head of the Uboldi private high school, where sister Rossana was formed.


Sor Rossana stands out for her ability to drawing, arts and music. She always received support from her family.

I have great pleasure to welcome Sor Rossana Gonzalez Weise to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!!

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