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Bolivia under undeniable extortion facts!

Carlos Valverde writes for El Deber:

Extortion (and facts)

Carlos ValverdeVillegas, Rodas, Rivera, Gomez are surnames which have a common denominator: are known to the width and length of the country, as extortionists who used to work for power and who executed orders of power. They are in prison waiting for a fair trial that fails to arrive. Rodas and Rivera were transferred from enclosures by pressures of political power and the Justice ordered that both return to Palmasola [Santa Cruz prison]. Political power violated human rights and permanently violates the legitimate right to defence of the aforementioned. That is a fact.

Rivera, through his lawyer, sent to the media, the audio of his statement which gives details about the conspiracy in which he was involved to ‘overthrow’ Ernesto Suárez Satori in the governorate of Beni; in that statement it involves many government authorities. The follow-up of the story and the result realize that, this time, Rivera says the truth. That is also a fact. Rivera, also by way of his lawyer, threat to the Government to present nearly twenty ‘audios’ which can be complicated for some government officials, i.e., Rivera is extorting the Government; that is another fact. The theme is that the extortionists, violated in their rights by the Government, do assume an attitude of victims (effectively what they are) and they expect a massive support from a population that is at risk of forgetting that these same people worked yesterday as perpetrators of whom today is their executioner and don’t issue a mea culpa or show less repentance for their past actions.

It is not possible, in solidarity of human rights, to forget that, for example, Rivera was arrested when he was on the bench of the accusers against thirty of Bolivians who have a process for terrorism, handled and led by the Government and supported by the judiciary. The above have human rights that should be respected, but in no way should it be left aside what they have done; prisons and judicial podiums are witnesses of abuse. It is not worth to say that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’; that’s fine for the poetic affectation. Here are facts and the facts show that detainees should be accountable in the justice and say what they really made.


I like this opinion, those who perpetrated human rights’ abuses to others are today suffering the same, however, that does not preclude to release them from their wrongdoings, in the hands of current manipulative central government structure.