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From one ridicule act to the next… only for Bolivian worldwide embarrassment

Manfredo Kempff Suarez described generously the ordeal and public embarrassment that all Bolivians have to endure, due to the naive or stubbornly behavior of current president.

Manfredo writes for El Deber:

The complaints of his Excellency

Manfredo KempffSince his Excellency agreed the Government has not done nothing but to complain. His whining has transcended the borders of Bolivia, at the beginning with great impact. The cries of his peasant and poor child’s life, humiliated in a country of oligarchs without soul or heart, believe that he came to move some noble spirits who did not have the slightest idea of who was the plaintive little indian [indiecito] who had become President of Bolivia. Today, when everyone knows his excellency, his complaints have no effect, and therefore people abroad believe him the least, media little and his colleagues, heads of State, nothing.

To victimize himself, is a specialty of his excellency. Always says they want him out, they want him killed, they all despise him, they want to segregate, that the gringos hate him, that the gamonales not accept an illiterate indigenous as President. And he always says that he has irrefutable evidence that he will release about conspiracies that daily are built against him, and even invents coups that he labels as such because they serve for his purposes. The vaunted ‘coup’ of September 2008 in Santa Cruz, is nothing but an invisible hit which served as a pretext to kill three foreign nationals, imprisoning fifty Santa Cruz people and banished an unknown number of people whom the regime fears.

His Excellency says, now that they are betraying him, both in the Ministry of the Presidency and the Foreign Ministry. He said that both ministries they conspire against it. In the Ministry of the Presidency, because they passed reports to [his opponent] Samuel Doria Medina on the program “Bolivia changes, Evo meet”, that we know is a blatant scam to the Bolivian people; and at the Foreign Ministry, because they punched his passport and make it expire on purpose. Nothing less than to his Excellency himself, whose only distraction is to travel. Rogues! But, in addition, says his Excellency, there are officials who sell secret data to the United States. Is it possible?

Now his Excellency can not accuse rancid oligarchs of the 18th-century diplomacy, those Ambassadors of caviar and cocktails for the conspirators, because since 2006 to date, there has not remained not a single one at the Foreign Ministry. So those who conspire must be the treacherous masistas. Because everyone knows that the foreign service is cornered, as well as some military, only by masistas, from the Chancellor to the janitor.



Given the recent “show” of current  president over European skies, the following article published in Facebook by Carlos Valverde, is nothing but enlightening!


This president who like to be seen as the impoverished, the discriminated “indio”, is in fact only the living proof of someone who is manipulated for those “empires/ideologies” that subdue our nation, Cubans and Venezuelans do manipulate our country as they best please.

In his paranoia, he demanded that France, Portugal and Spain apologize publicly and of course they did not. Portugal said he knew a day before that he needed to change his flight schedule… only an egocentric and arrogant person would continue to push and then portray himself as the victim…