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Is current Bolivian president regarded as such? or is it just the way he is?

Carlos Federico Valverde Bravo writes in El Deber:

That’s the way he is

Carlos ValverdeIt makes me sad that countries to which Evo Morales aggresses, they do not bother with what he says. They must have the idea that his bluster and tantrums don’t deserve any reaction because “he is just like that”. I worry more about this passivity than to a reaction, that would be quite understandable because it would give us make to understand that the actions and claims of President Morales at least bother his receptors; not to mention his being brattish and with all the atrocities or the ones made by his helpful staff who stubbornly make things worse than he does, to display their support. But no, the Presidents of other countries do nothing because they think that “he is just like that”.

In the last few days we heard Morales, Choquehuanca, Quintana and several others reject diplomatic excuses by the presidential plane incident (I repeat, seems to me unacceptable what it was done to him) under the brand new argument that there must be, as “minimum”, an excuse from President to President, situation that does not fit into the diplomatic canons which established that in these cases all goes by way of foreign ministries and embassies. But there was no response. Conclusion: leave him shout… “so he is just like that.”

Repeated incidents with Brazilian aircrafts – first denied to the ‘death’ and then accepted by the Government, by the little importance given to the topic, by the attacked surely would have never been known, have not been published by a Brazilian media. These excesses were claimed as it was up by Brazil, but there was everything because they surely knew that nothing was going to happen after the first incident… because “he is just like that”. [or in my words… he deserves no attention, no reply, as he is just like someone who does not engage in dialogue, uses everything in his reach to alway land standing up, as egocentric and blind sided as he always was, a petty individual who is driving Bolivia to the cliff…]

Truth which is worrying that “he is just like that”, because it means that our President and our country are not taken seriously by any of the countries to which we offend or that we make an aggression to, to obtain some political gain. Every thing that is said is like ‘hearing the rain go by’.

Is amazing how this man who was able to attract as much attention in the world by the way in which came to the Government, now he is not even able to bother anyone with his rhetoric and his superfluous speeches; how much damage it makes us not to able to even bother. Maybe it is true that “so we are just like that”… all of us.


I have to say that I am among those individuals that from day one thought that current president was no good for us. I could understand that some Bolivians were hoping that this individual was going to make a better country for us all, that he was going to fight corruption, demagogue… etc. But how could they expect such things from someone whose speech was only about hate? someone who blocked the country for the particular interest of illegal coca plantations? So, there we go… a majority voted for this individual and here we are… I am glad the rest of the world treats him like that, as they finally understood what he is made of…