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More attacks to Santa Cruz by Bolivian central government!

Despite Santa Cruz becoming the La Paz of last century, the city which hosts Bolivians from all over, despite being so productive and economically active. Bad Bolivian [highland] politics since we became a country, had the tendency to bad mouth and demean this part of Bolivia. Current central government is no different.

Carlos Valverde writes for El Deber:

Another attack to Santa Cruz

Carlos ValverdeÁlvaro García Linera was in the regional dialogue for the La Paz pact. There he said: ‘there was a conspiracy that did not want La Paz to enter the regime of agro-industry; There was a conspiracy in the years 70, 80 and 90, there were technical conspiracy and politics (…); “we have broken it, and just as we have sugar cane in Santa Cruz, so there will be other mills, also will be agro-industry with alcohol, with electricity”.

Again, Santa Cruz is attacked with a malicious lie. García Linera, seeking to ingratiate himself with La Paz so they support him in his candidacy [to run for the illegitimate re-re-election as VP], he does not understand that La Paz must have its own development, is logical to do so, but for that there is no need to attack Santa Cruz. The country can withstand 10 sugar mills more, the world needs sugar and we can produce it.

You have to be an ignorant to talk of conspiracy. If AGL would read a little what he should read, he would have learned that Melgarejo taxed Santa Cruz with a sugar tax and freed imports from Peru and Chile. That is history and not an invention of mine; It is a sample of the treatment which the State gave to Santa Cruz production; the rest is stupidity. Juan Lechín, to show what it meant to the centralism, once said: “If sugar cane could be sent via pipeline, for sure that Guabira would have been installed in La Paz” (biography J. Lechín, L. Cajías, 1990).

“San Buenaventura will double the production of sugar cane which is registered in Santa Cruz.” And if so, what is the problem? The poor AGL does not understand anything, and even less the many in this town who pay homage to him, understand that he is going to ‘forgive’ them; they don’t understand the interest of the MAS is in the Santa Cruz production and not in them. Many will be happy to sell them the rope with which they’re going to hang (so said Lenin); of course, as they will do business. What is real is that, if they can, they will force to change the owner of the companies; they already did with PAT, so I am not speaking of assumptions.

It is clear that AGL has hatred for what Santa Cruz represents. He believes that confronting this Department will make him strong and so will achieve a place of privilege in La Paz. That is not how things work; or maybe… so?

* Journalist

Despite the legend of our code of arms, it puzzles me to see the energy, resources we waste, instead of looking at the future together… Up until now, cheap politicians use the demeaning and insulting speeches, because they target the majority… what this government fails to acknowledge is that Santa Cruz is now the majority. It is happening like La Paz in early 20th century, receiving a huge inflow of migrants, the sooner those assimilate to the way of living in Santa Cruz, and the sooner the locals accept them openly, the worst will be for those cheap politicians that are now in power…