About the TIPNIS, OUR forest and the Cauca lessons

This cartoon from La Razon, July 16, 2012, portrays the way current government, allegedly and self-proclaimed defender of mother nature, only gives attention to the coca grower’s business… while the actual owners of their territory and protectors of one of OUR national parks are facing the road construction that will part the TIPNIS in half…

Don Humberto Vacaflor, once more, has the perfect article I want to share with you all. We need to sit and reflect over what are we becoming as Bolivians and citizens of the world, we can change and we can be better:

As published in El Deber:

The lessons of the Cauca

The indigenous people of the region of the Cauca, Colombia, are giving a lesson around the world, but for all Bolivians is a warning, or an advice.

They have decided – after suffering the violence prevailing in the area, by the battles between the army and the coca growers allied with drug traffickers – for half a century, to ask all them to leave.

Wherever they want to go, but should depart immediately, because they do not stand them anymore. They want their territory for them, without criminals disguised as farmers or guerrillas, and abusive troops.

Thirty years ago my friend Ivone Le Bot wrote a book about the terrible reality of the indigenous Peoples of Guatemala, who for decades had to suffer the consequences of the war between guerrillas and army troops, being them, the only harmed. The inhabitants of the area, for life, from all the history, harmed by some intruders fighting their private wars.

The message of the Cauca indigenous becomes very well now to Bolivia and shows us a trip to the future, what might happen if the Government meets its intention to destroy the Park and open to the entry of the growers in the TIPNIS.

The indigenous people of the TIPNIS are giving an unequal battle against the will of a Government that is using the army to confiscate them the fuel they need to mobilize, while giving gifts to growers infiltrated the Park (Conisur).

The cultivation of coca in the Cauca is alien to the culture of native Peoples. Even the presence of a clumsy army which fights to traffickers and their partners, the coca growers, is something alien to the indigenous people of the Cauca.

Non indigenous cultures are now questioned not only in the Cauca or inside the TIPNIS. The invaders, anyone who are or anyone who is in those [illegal] activities, are repudiated in an increasingly larger number of indigenous territories.

An interesting lesson from the inhabitants of Cauca, Colombia.


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