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Mallku Khota’s community people call for nationalization in exchange for hostages

It is plain anarchy and blackmail, our mining industry is going down the drain, this is not the way to attract  foreign capital or at least intend to sell our ores. Not only those community people are wrong, so is current government for letting this happen, El Diario reports:

The President of the Committee for dialogue of Mallku Khota, Leonardo Montano, said engineers abducted since Wednesday [June 27, 2012] in this community are “well treated and quiet”, but instead ask for end to the house arrest of Cancio Rojas in Potosi and the nationalization of the ore deposit.

Also, they give 48 hours to the President Evo Morales to communicate or be at that region and thus negotiate the release of the engineers Fernando Fernández and Agustín Cárdenas.

The leader accused the mining company South American Silver to gather arms and to educate community leaders so that they are in favor of the mining in the area, which reject strongly, criterion that is shared by several communities of Northern Potosí, with whom they have unified.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Interior system and police, Jorge Pérez, placed yesterday the herders of Mallku Khota to release two officials of the mining company, otherwise they must “comply with the consequences”.


All the language used and intend to force things is just out of this century!!!

So, to illustrate more the way current government handles issues like this, here are some cartoons:

This is from El Diario, June 14, 2012:

Current president playing with Bolivia while his flatterers and political party affiliates clap on his “skills”…

A recurrent introduction on governmental speeches is that he is just learning or becoming aware of … in the meantime there is no justice, no law enforcement and certainly anarchy rules our poor country…

People can make all justifications they may feel and/or imagine, that is not the issue. The point is where is the civility, where is the dialogue, what are we turning into?

This is from La Prensa, June 28, 2012:

Over the last six years, we’ve witnessed paranoia from current political party in power, at all ranks…

As it happened last week, when the police mutiny was spread nationwide and the TIPNIS marchers were reaching La Paz city, the government’s speech was about a coup d ‘ état under way.

It is extremely hard to find solutions, it is much easier just to finger point and use this type of absurdities. Bolivia has struggled to leave military regimes far behind and we want this president to complete this second term and just leave, as our country needs better policy makers. No one thinks about coup d ‘ état.

This is from El Dia, June 17, 2012:

Conflict between miners at Colquiri, in this case the conflict is between miners who work for the state-owned company with those who are under a cooperative. In the Mallku Khota case, it is between a private company workers, who are defending their jobs against cooperative miners who want to take over the site.

The cartoon reads “underground sports” and those miners are using dynamite.

SO much for today…