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Bolivians forced to work overseas, continue to send income to their families!

Kudos for those Bolivians out there! People who had to leave their families, young children without the love, care and affection of their parents. It is complicated, hard but it has to be done, as in Bolivia there are fewer jobs available, practically no important investments that can create jobs.

From www.hoybolivia.com

La Paz.- The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) reported Wednesday that flows of remittances to the country in the past month of May amounted to $92.8 million dollars.

“Remittances from the month of May 2012 reached 92.8 million dollars, amount is greater in 4.8% compared to similar month of 2011 and largest 8.2% compared with April of 2012”, said the issuing entity.

According to the BCB, the remittances they received from abroad in May come mainly from Spain (43.8%), United States (14.5%), Argentina (12.1%), Brazil (2.7%) and other countries (26.9%).

43.2% Of the currency came to the Department of Santa Cruz, followed by Cochabamba (29.9%), La Paz (13.7%) and the rest of the country (13.3%), reported the BCB.


Had there would be Law compliance, ownership and land-titling protection, there would be more job creation in Bolivia. Government has to review its economic policies, it is understandable their political discourse… but they should follow China, Vietnam and other ‘socialist’ countries who attract foreign capital, honor international commitments and provide the security for those brave people who have to go overseas in search for money to provide their families.

To the people out there, my admiration for such sacrifice!!