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Roger Pinto’s first warning from Brazil

I’d say strike one and it appears that current Bolivian government is still in wonderland, does not realize who they are messing with and our prestige as a country, internationally continues to drop. Brazil’s remarks are very diplomatic but should be regarded as extremely serious and I believe Bolivia does not want to get more strikes like this one.

ANF reports for El Deber:

Ambassador Biato asked Evo to settle Pinto case before problems arise

Brazilian Ambassador, Marcel Biato, asked President Evo Morales to settle the issue of political asylum granted to Senator Roger Pinto for his country, before problems arise that can become sensitive to both countries.

When Biato was consulted upon the request of safe-conduct, he said: “is an issue that there are formal procedures instituted by mechanisms of historical practice of our region, is an issue however delicate that we treat it very cautiously and of course that we will handle the faster, expeditious and efficient way.”

“The interest of all of us is that this can be resolved, relations (between the two countries) are very strong… but will try to avoid creating problems that may become sensitive,” said the diplomat at the luncheon offered [La Paz] Governor Cesar Cocarico on Monday for the 203 anniversary year of the libertarian cry of July 16th.

Regarding his health condition, the Ambassador reported that Pinto, current Head of the National Convergence in the Senate, is in good condition: “even when I greeted President Evo, [he] asked me precisely about the Senator, I said that he is in good health and of course in the expectation that we can settle this issue soon.”

I told the President that the Senator is getting a little bit of weight; “he has to do a bit of exercise, try to give him a bike (static) to enable him to exercise”.

However, the Government considers that opposition Senator should not benefit from political asylum because he faces a dozen criminal prosecutions for different offenses of corruption and has pending a hearing of precautionary measures.

“Looking from the legal point of view, if the Bolivian justice and the Bolivian Government may give a safe-conduct in cases that a person is processed, with precautionary measures and has to leave the country.” “Bolivian law has in this type of situation, and the international standard also points out that there is no possibility of political asylum to a person having ordinary processes in justice,” said Minister Davila from Sucre.


The future of National Convergence’s Senator, Roger Pinto Molina, remains uncertain, because it is not known when he would be leaving the country, after 50 days on the Brazil Embassy in La Paz, reported the congressman of that political force, Adrian Oliva.

Pinto Molina, known by their relatives and close friends as Chonta, entered on May 28, Brazil’s embassy seeking political asylum alleging that is a victim of political persecution and threats that his life could be at risk. Given this background, the Government of the Brazil granted asylum, but Bolivia has not yet issued a safe-conduct allowing the Senator to leave the country.



Just today, Pedro Lima, a former member of current political party in power [MAS], sought political asylum in Paraguay, alleging persecution. See the Spanish news in this link.

Need say more…?