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Ana Maria Vera and Classic Bolivia Foundation

We are fortunate that Ana Maria Vera decided to stay in Bolivia for a longer period of time. She is pushing for the Classic Bolivia Foundation and to place our country in the international music arena.

Pagina Siete reports:

In an unforgettable evening, the famous Bolivian-Dutch pianist Ana Maria Vera dazzled El Alto audience with a masterful presentation public last Wednesday, before a full theater, at the Bartolomé de las Casas from San Gabriel radio.

Dozens of children and young people from various schools in El Alto, women in social organizations, as well as other special guests filled the seats of the theater, eager to meet in person to the most prestigious Bolivian pianist.

In the corridors of the enclosure, people commented on the trajectory of Vera, summarized in the back cover of the program of the show sponsored by Soboce.

Many young people who had never had the opportunity to appreciate the art of Vera commented with amazement how the pianist began her work at three years of age, to debut professionally at the age of eight, be invited by the United States President Jimmy Carter to give a concert at the White House, and then continue an impressive career at age 12.

As soon as Vera went to the scene of the Bartolomé de las Casas, El Alto audience gave her a standing ovation. They immediately began the soft notes of the 332 K Sonata, Mozart, who was applauded by an audience that mostly, was attending for the first time a concert of this type, also as guests because the show was admission free.

“It is important to bring classical music to this wonderful Auditorium,” Vera told Pagina Siete, while expressed her joy of playing for the first time in El Alto.

The talented artist lives in La Paz since last year, when she began activities of the Classic Bolivia Foundation, whose central objective is to create an Academy for teaching and musical development; and for several months she has already been working with children and young people of El Alto.

The commitment of Eric Hosler is essential for this work, an American violinist that participates in the project, he acknowledges to be fascinated by the talent of many Bolivians.

After playing the second piece, the Spanish Suite by Isaac Albéniz, the pianist [Vera] presented two young Bolivians: pianist Marco Pérez, who played Fantaisie Impronmptu, Chopin, and Lucas Viscarra Wilde, clarinetist in Adagio and Tarantella Cavallini, nothing less than to be accompanied by Ana Maria Vera, an honor for the young musician.

The evening closed with works by Mendelssohn and Chopin in charge of the trio consisting of the host and the prestigious musicians, Willem Stam (Dutch) and Hosler.

Classic Bolivia

At the time to say goodbye, after a prolonged applause, Vera committed a second presentation in the same theatre thanks to the support of Soboce, CAF and the Ministry of Cultures, which guarantee the second version of the Classic Bolivia Festival, that in 2011 took place in La pAz and the island of the Sun [Titicaca Lake], and this year will arrive, as well as the seat of Government [La Paz], El Alto and Tarija.

The festival that will take place from August 9 to 23, will involve foreign musicians such as the virtuoso violinist Leticia Moreno, Spain; the Japanese violinist Ken Aiso; the Swiss violist Lyda Chen Argerich; the American violinist Eric Hosler; the English clarinetist Matthew Hunt; the American Violist Jennifer Stumm, British cellist Guy Johnston and director William Lacey (Erster Kappelmeister of the Leipzig Opera), who will lead the Youth Chamber Orchestra.


Kudos for the creation of the Fundación Bolivia Clásica and for Ana Maria Vera’s commitment to Bolivia!