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TIPNIS courageous group decided not to talk with the gov and will go back to their territory

The TIPNIS IX March has decided!

From hoybolivia.com:

Indigenous March decides not to dialogue with the Government

10/07/2012 – 12:54:33

La Paz,- The Chairman of the Sub Central of the TIPNIS, Fernando Vargas, reported that the indigenous Peoples of the 9th March determined not to dialogue with the Government and make a peaceful March through the streets of La Paz.

“[government] cannot impose us how they want and when to dialogue.” “The Government must respect our organizational structure and does not have to say who is going to talk [from the indigenous group]”,

The indigenous leader also reported that his sector decided to maintain the resistance from his region and the date of return to their communities will be adopted by the bases.


From Radio Fides website:

The 9th March returns to the TIPNIS

The column of the IX March of the indigenous territory and Isiboro Secure National Park, determined to return to their place of origin to continue their fight from that place, the spokesman for the indigenous 9th March, Rafael Quispe made known the decision in statements to Radio FIDES.

Back to yesterday’s response sent by the national Government to the 9th March, the leadership, together with indigenous wagered at the Government Headquarters nearly two weeks ago, today announced the return to their indigenous territory.

However, they reported that this withdrawal does not mean that the fight in defense of the environment and natural resources have concluded, “the fight continues”, said the indigenous leader.

Likewise reported that three aspects drive them in their struggle, “in the legal aspect, we reject the law 222 (law of prior consultation) and likewise will strive for the fulfilment of the inviolability of our territory”, in the third instance, announced that indigenous will make an stronghold in their regions to prevent the query scheduled for the 29th of this month.

Quispe announced to concentrate [this afternoon] at the Plaza Mayor of San Francisco to make known to the public their determination. After that, they will go to the University Coliseum where they were hosted during this time, for their transfer to the region which “will defend till the last consequences,” said.

“I hope that does not happen what happened in Mallku Khota,” expressed the leader given the impossibility of a dialogue according to their requests.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of La Paz, Luis Revilla was considered as a humiliation for the indigenous Peoples that President Morales has refused to receive them at the Government Palace. He condemned the attitude of the President and reminded him that the authorities are obliged to listen, discuss, and find solution to all without exception.