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Absurd negotiation letter from current gov to TIPNIS

This is from El Deber’s website:

Indigenous Peoples reject proposal by the Government to a “conditional dialogue”

Adolfo Chávez, President of the Confederation of indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB), reported that the leadership of the ninth indigenous March in defense of the TIPNIS determined to reject the last call to dialogue by the Government, since this letter does not change the governmental constraints.

Chavez, regretted that the Government does not take into account the sacrifice made by marchers who moved from Trinidad-Beni and walking for more than 60 days to the city of La Paz.

“There is nothing new in the letter, but rather said that we are hurting the La Paz people, while they have received us well.” “In response, we will continue here and we are strong because we have come to stay till the last consequences,” Chavez told the media.

The letter sent by the Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramón Quintana on July 6, specifies a meeting with all the representatives of the 63 communities and the three Presidents of the substations, the Sub Central Tipnis, Secure and the Conisur.

“We see a stubborn, hypocritical Minister because it is he who is dividing the indigenous movement, is the Minister Mr Quintana, and here we are going to show documents” said indigenous leader.

In the letter, the Minister questioned the marchers and mainly for not participating in meetings with “legitimate” representatives of the indigenous territory. Quintana also criticized the alleged prejudice to public officials and the public caused by the marchers that performs a vigil in vicinity of kilometer zero [Plaza Murillo].

This fact was rejected by Chavez, ensuring that on the other hand there is still a good reception of the citizens who continue to collaborate with warm clothing, food, but in relation to officials of the Vice-Presidency, regretted that some of these people attacked them with “really humiliating” terms.

For this weekend the installed vigil plans to conduct marches in the city of La Paz and its citizen movements have ensured their participation in demonstrations in support of the indigenous demands.

Meanwhile, in front of the indigenous vigil the Bolivia Central Bank began construction of a fence that can protect this public property.


I hope there is dialogue and current government comes to its senses and speaks with the people.