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A proud Bolivian wins a marathon in Ecuador!

Franklin Aduviri made our day!!! We have too many problems and this type of news are refreshing; so I welcome Franklin to The Hall of Bolivian Fame. El Deber reports:

The Bolivian Franklin Aduviri, with a time of 2h29m10s, won last Sunday [July 8, 2012] the sixth edition of the marathon of Quito, which this year attracted 1,509 athletes for the 42 kilometers.

Second place was awarded to last year’s champion, Peruvian Florencio Machacuay (2h29m41s), and the third place went to Colombian William Rodriguez (2h30m37s).

“It came to me to participate for the second time, because the previous year was impacted with the path.” “This year was my dream and now I’m happy,” said Aduviri, and commented that he will use the cash prize ($2,500 dollars) to support his family who lives in La Paz.

Bolivian Velasquez, third in ladies

In the Ladies’ category, the national Carla Velasquez also highlighted the day, culminating the test in third place, behind the local athlete Nancy Osorio and the Colombian Olga Tabla.

The race was transmitted by ESPN.

Source: hoy.com.ec and elcomercio.com


Kudos for Franklin Aduviri and Carla Velasquez!!! Their personal victories should heal our spirits in these hectic days. Thank you Franklin and Carla for making us proud, The Hall of Bolivian Fame is proud to have you both!