Narcotrafficking amongst us Bolivians!

A serious call for attention, an editorial from Los Tiempos:

Narco-trafficking amongst us

The danger of falling into a kind of passivity and collective condescension is as large as the involving drug trafficking itself and its sequels

A series of news widely reported during the last days in the mainstream media, although overshadowed by other events more showy but not most important, has returned to draw attention to a phenomenon in our country has already ceased to be exceptional to join the routine daily activity. We refer to the proliferation of cases to realize the enormity that have reached activities directly or indirectly related to drug trafficking.

Unfortunately, so, and that also is well known what this means, does not seem sufficient to cause a proportional collective reaction to the problem. It is that not even at the highest governmental, local, intellectual, business or political circle levels, that there are signs that refute the suspicion that our society, in a slow but steady manner, is falling in a condescending, when not tolerant attitude, with all the activities related to the development and commercialization of drugs.

The already open way that not only the authorities but the bulk of the inhabitants of towns like Yapacaní, occupy a main place in the geography of the drug, is just one example of what was said. And this, as other similar cases that have come to light in recent days, far from being an exception because, as it is well known, it is much of the national territory which cannot be regarded as a fraction of the geography of drug trafficking.

To understand the magnitude of the danger that this phenomenon entails it should not be necessary to account the number of cases of violence linked to the drug trade that with increasing frequency appear as the tip of an iceberg, to barely get out a glimpse of its real magnitude. But if that were not enough, it could make an effort to learn from other’s experiences such as Colombia or Mexico, even across Central America, where the destructive effects of criminal activities linked to the drug business are already measured in terms of hundreds of thousands of disappearances, abductions, torture and deaths.

Addressing this problem is not something easy or that appropriate, at least not exclusively, to government authorities, because this is a matter which by its very nature and magnitude far exceeds the real possibilities of any Government. If States much stronger than ours, as the Mexican, have been able to meet the challenge without plunging into a war in which carry all the losing, why not assume that a gesture of governmental voluntarism is most suitable.

It is the problem, to find a complex formula to deal with any chance of success is an arduous task. So, however, should not be reason to justify inaction or the condescension, but, on the contrary, must be an incentive that the theme should be incorporated in the national public agenda in a place of utmost importance and above everyday conflicts collective attention-grabbing.

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