Peruvian incongruence regarding Bolivian heavy load transport services

It is hard to understand what is going on in the minds of the Peruvian government regarding their sudden reaction against Bolivian trucks in their territory, Pagina Siete reports:

Around 280 trucks, most of them with soy cargo, are detained in Desaguadero at risk of being seized in Peruvian territory due to the Customs INTA PG 27 of that country, which forces the Bolivian carriers to download their merchandise so that the neighboring nation peers carry cargo to destination.

Carriers announced today a blockade at the border against the administrative rule, while in Lima met the Vice-Minister of foreign trade and integration and the Deputy Minister of transport of Bolivia with Peruvian customs authorities to negotiate directly and resolve the conflict.

The President of the Chamber of heavy transport from Alto, Gustavo Rivadeneira, explained that the administrative decision is misinterpreted by customs officials of Peru. “They make download the merchandise that was nationalised in Desaguadero prevent cargo to reach their destination,” he said.

He added that there is fear in carriers to continue the journey to Peru because the Customs confiscates the documentation and trucks. “Seized 12 units, of which eight were released and four trucks remain in custody in Matarani”.

The general manager of the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), Gary Rodriguez, noted that “If Bolivia meets the existing international treaties that allow the free transit of countries, the least expected as reciprocity is that Peru do the same”.

Soy producers fear overstock

The soy producers expressed concern about the departure of the trucks loaded with soybeans in the Desaguadero, which in the end will affect the winter campaign.

The President of the National Association of Oil Producers (Anapo), Demetrio Perez, regretted this situation to the extent that soy producers have full grain silos and if the trucks are not returning, they will have storage problems.

“The silos are full, outside there are processed soy and comes the winter campaign that will last three months.” “Where will the grain be stored”, he commented.

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