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Utilization of GMO crops could double Bolivia’s corn yields

Genetic Literacy Project reports:

Utilization of GMO crops could double Bolivia’s corn yields

Bolivia has been harvesting genetically modified (GM) soybeans since 2008, and its production exceeds one million hectares per year since 2012. However, it has not authorized the use of transgenic varieties in other crops.


A recent study commissioned by several agricultural institutions points out that maize production could be more than doubled by 2025 if the government authorizes GM crops to work. With GM maize production area can rise from 425,000 to 650,000 hectares. José Luis Llanos, a representative of ProyectAgro, indicated that domestic demand is currently 850,000 tons per year, an affordable volume, but that will rise as well with the increased production of pigs, poultry and cattle.

Maize is one of the main inputs for animals and it is feared that domestic production will not accompany the growth of the livestock sector.

Isidoro Barrientos, president of the Agricultural Chamber of Small Producers of the East (Cappo), said that there is no way to produce more if it is not with GMOs. ‘The only way we see to improve corn yields is for our government to understand us, and to open up policies and measures that may favor us. We cannot leave our colleagues who fail year after year and that is why we need the technology to produce’ said Barrientos.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post:Bolivia could double corn production if GM varieties were allowed (in Spanish)


Bolivian Thoughts opinion: Malthus predicted the human race would starve and wars would be fought for food … human innovation proved him wrong.

The issue now is the overpopulation that poses a direct threat on our environment, let alone millions of starving humans worldwide. This is a moral dilemma, science can advocate for both ends.

What we need to understand is that not all GMOs are bad nor wrong … Bolivia does not need to clear more forest for agriculture, we just need to continue to use our current arable land, sustainably and of course increasing yields on all our produce.

For the latter to happen, we do not need the State to take full responsibility, we do not need to find guilty parties in the private sector. We need sound public policies, to allow large and small producers to work towards food security.

On the other hand we also need to export our produce to gain revenues to improve our public services.

It is a complex but necessary process, we gain nothing by satanizing GMOs nor by blind endorsing. Ir is complex but doable to find an equilibrium!