Week of April 9, 2012 with at least three strikes, blockades

Bolivia continues to fall down the cracks, there are at least three separate negative measures that impact on our economic lives and pushes us more down to the ground of inefficiency and to be less competitive, Los Tiempos reports:

The Medical Association, the Confederation of [public service] drivers and the workers; union: Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) have announced separately, for the next week [this one], measures of pressure against the Government seeking that it meets their demands.

The doctors of the country have announced to adopt measures of pressure against what they consider “a breach of commitment” on the part of the Government and today [4/7/12] meet to determine measures; the COB has confirmed the 24-hour strike by wage demands and public transport are in ‘conflict mode’ to increase the fares.

Meanwhile, the Executive Committee of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) organizes a national strike of 24 hours, which will be held on Wednesday, April 11 in the nine departments, according to its Executive Secretary, Juan Carlos Trujillo.

The [public] transport sector joins the conflict for next week. Yesterday [4/6/12], the leader of the Confederation of drivers of Bolivia, Franklin Durán, requested the re-establishment of the night fare for the public transport service.

He also said that next Tuesday, at their expanded national [meeting], [they will] determine the increase of fares unilaterally. They do not believe that the increased fares can be negotiated with the municipalities.


So, please plan accordingly if you are in Bolivia, sorry.

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