From Bolivia with love: HAPPY EASTER

Bolivia is mostly a Christian society, and mainly Catholic, and as such today is even greater than Christmas itself! So, I wanted to share these lovely images of the Holy Spirit, one from a stained glass I bought in Washington DC a few years back and a colonial painting from one of our Andean Catholic Churches we have in the highlands of La Paz, Potosi and Oruro, picture I took some years ago, in one of my work related trips around our beautiful country.

I wish you ALL happy Easter!!

The representations of the Holy Spirit came from one I found on one of my trips to Washington DC and I bought it because it is simply lovely. The second one, I took a photograph of; it was at a very old Catholic Church in the highlands of Bolivia … despite the centuries it was there, still offering the sentiment of Christianity.

[regarding the ornament I bought, I was kindly advised to place this: “© First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL” as it was suggested … I must say that after having my two undergrad bachelors in the mid-west, never had I suspected it is said to be originated in Springfield, I certainly would have visited it …]

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6 thoughts on “From Bolivia with love: HAPPY EASTER

  1. The stained glass dove window image is lovely.
    It is also copyrighted. We have not granted permission for its use here.
    We would appreciate you removing it. Thank you.

    1. I thank you for your comment. However, please take into account that I placed such image as I bought it in DC more than 8 years ago. It s not muy intention to sell that piece that I cherish nor am I speaking in derogatory terms in such a particular post. I wonder if a buyer needs to express direct permission to the burger or beer company in similar occasions, venues, like a party? … in any case, I respect your opinion and having bought that piece with my own money at a public store, I do not feel nor understand your request as it is of my property. Thank you for understanding my position and more thanks to have read my blog, which I will continue to do, using key elements that illustrate my view on a given subject. Please enjoy Easter and enjoy life!

      1. Copyright law is tricky and it changes all the time. Current law says that owning a hard copy does not give the owner the right to reproduce images of the item. Unfortunately, unless you bought it from this church, the place that sold it did not have permission to do so.
        I do appreciate the intent of your blog. If you prefer not to remove it, please include “(c) First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL” next to it.

      2. Thank you for your reply. I am a liberal classic and as such cannot understand that fixation, or mistrust regarding holy representations that Catholics first and then other Churches cherished, embraced and later on showed in pride. Religion and Easter sentiments do not belong to no one, it is human related faith and its purpose, as it was my post was to reflect and share those Christian beliefs.

        I am not selling the image of the Holy Spirit, rather I am sharing next to an original one that I found in an old Bolivian Church. Images that reinforce my message.

        I wanted to share our Christian spirit, our way of life. This part of the world where the Bolivian Holy Spirit that I show in my post came hundreds of years before the ornament I bought as I thought it was beautiful and deserved to be in my house. There is only one Holy Spirit and as such human societies have had over two thousand years to recreate, thus, no one is the owner of that representation.

        In any case, I am placing your quote in my post, and just continue to hope that we all share the good things/symbols that our Faith has to offer to the world. Thank you.

  2. You and your readers are welcome to visit First Presbyterian any time you are in Springfield. The Tiffany Dove window is in the east wall of the sanctuary.

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