Bolivian government’s political style and performance, as of March 2012

Current Bolivian government continues to have serious managerial misfits and sadly it shows an incredible aptitude for flunking, despite over six years in government; the following cartoons just illustrate how it was perceived by Bolivian society, close to the end of February 2012:

This one is from El Diario, February 29, 2012. Both current president and vice-president are sailing in turbulent waters filled with the word ‘blockades” in reference to the vast, prolonged and negative road blockades that spread out our nation. The president says “..pretend you didn’t see him…” in reference to the almost drowned “John People” that is… all of us!!

This government has caused most of the turmoil, due to lack of sound public policies and failing to enforce the laws and the constitution they approved in past years.

This cartoon is from El Diario, February 27, 2012. Two women talking while walking at a supermarket aisle: the first one says “all prices are re-marked every day!… money does not last..!!” and the other one replies “..not even the ministry of finance, nor the municipality control the speculation! first-in stored merchandise and sold to updated prices!..”

This government had the audacity or naiveté of expressing some years ago that they were going to teach economics… well, the evidence is out there.

This one is from El Diario, February 26, 2012. Heavy rainfall poured in all our territory and Pando department was the most affected this month. Two people are talking, sitting on the top of their roof while surrounded by water: “..if evo were to open up  the road through the middle on the ‘TIPNIS’, in the next rainy season, Cochabamba will disappear under the waters..!” and the other one says “…who would carry-on with the guilt…? the coca growers!!”

It is unfortunate that the TIPNIS indigenous people had to march for over 65 days from Beni to La Paz, suffering a brutal police aggression and the law that was approved last year is now worth less than the paper it was printed on. Environmental damage in our country is beginning to show its perverse effects. We must keep our National Parks and indigenous territories free of coca plantations, loggers and erosion.

This one is from El Diario, February 23, 2012. Where we see the summary of what Bolivians have been exposed to: poor public policy, failure to comply with the laws, very little if irrelevant economic growth attributed directly to the actions of current government, as opposed to international market prices on our raw products (mainly stagnant existing volumes of gas.)

Well, both are on top of a precarious and extremely fragile house-of-cards, dancing happily; the sign reads “the best carnivals with the e.. m……”

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