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Bolivian government’s pathetic politics…

Bolivian humor is used to diffuse frustration and impotence regarding how laws are not enforced, how public safety is almost nonexistent, how current political party in government wants to erase our past, as if our parents and their grandparents before had nothing to contribute to being a Bolivian citizen:

This is from El Diario, March 20, 2012.

Here we see an avalanche that is reaching current president with all the problems that he is mostly responsible for: sugar cane protests; blockades and strike of medical personnel; roads blockades; march in defense of the environment and TIPNIS; border limits between Potosi and Oruro; blockades for limits between Colcapirhua and Tiquipaya; protests from retired people against CSS; nepotism problems; Quillacas; rice producers; exiled blockade.

And the list could go on and on…

This one is from Los Tiempos, March 20, 2012.

A concerned citizen says: “we have ended one week of blockades and it appears we are starting another one”

The reply: “why worry mate? relax and let it flow! who cares?”

The dog thinks: “poor country, they have blocked their brains and they don’t realize!”

Bolivian citizens have experienced for too many years this atrocity, blockades and anarchy are our worst nightmare.

This one is from El Diario, March 21, 2012:

Current president appears tied and says: “sure, brothers and sisters… that these male partners and female partners are paid by the American Embassy…!”

Signs at the bottom read “strikes, marches and blockades”

The typical reply: to use female and male gender in separate words is the “trade mark” of this government and of course to blame for everything to the “empire.” When there are no arguments, they are fabricated, and also the creation of a unique slang and the tendency to do everything from scratch. Something that Goebbels knew very well.

In sum, ineptocracy at its best as Andres Oppenheimer rightfully pointed out recently. You can read the previous post to this one, about how current political party and those countries in the ALBA alliance fit shamelessly under that category.