Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

Bolivian undeniable truths through the humor lenses

I will share with you some cartoons that appeared in our Bolivian newspapers as they reflect our daily ordeal:

This is from El Diario, February 10, 2012. It shows the education minister presenting the “new ancient syllabus” and the teachers saying “how retrograde!!” Current government persists on pushing us backwards in time. Just an example: while other countries learn English because it is the language where all scientific advances are recorded and shared with the rest of the world, here they force us to insist on learning old languages that died long before. That is, they didn’t accommodate with our daily lives. Current government likes to show themselves as the continuance of the Incas and the Tiahuanaco’s empires, without realizing the two were fart apart in time and people. The Incas learned the construction techniques of the Tiahuanaco’s but were not like the Spaniard tribes that were influenced by the Romans, then the Arabs until what they are now. To remain in the dark ages in this new era of information and technology is frankly irresponsible. Government officials say awkward things like the ‘papalisa’ a tubercle is better than Viagra and a Supreme Court judge says he rules looking on how coca leafs landed on his desk. We must give our children the opportunity to be competitive here and in Kurdistan.

This one is from La Razon, March 8, 2012. A ‘great wall’ dividing physically the Potosi and Oruro departments.

With all the technology at our disposal, government is unable to offer peace and an amicable scenario to Bolivian people.

People from both departments are engaged in disputes over territory where they would like to farm.

This one is from El Diario, March 10, 2012. Two competitors of public acceptance: current Bolivian president and La Paz Mayor.

They are sowing soccer fields and sidewalk shelves, respectively.

The Bolivian politicians continue to strive for easy, non sustainable uses of our taxes to “secure” public votes.

So, basic issues like education, public safety and government work lack a coherent use of our resources in this century where we continue to fall way under and behind those of our neighbors, to say the least…