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Who is responsible for the decisions of the Bolivian government?

Humberto Vacaflor wrote this article, published in many Bolivian newspapers, the slink below is from El Deber’s:

Signing “blind”

President Evo Morales said he feared going to jail when he leaves the post for mistakes that could be committed now, although later said that, on the way to his cell, he would denounce [finger-point] those Ministers and lawyers who knew of this and not warned him.

Perhaps he can apply another method to not go to jail in the future. He could begin by reading what he signs. That perhaps would force him to delay any of his travels; the delivery of some soccer fields with synthetic grass could wait, just like the insults to journalists.

These days his Government is facing at least two cases caused by not thoughtful decisions.

Bermejo “cañeros” [sugar cane producers] call on government compliance’s with Supreme Decree [DS] number 29874, signed in December 2008, which ordered the installation of a new sugar mill on the southern border [Tarija border with Argentina].

Minister Teresa Morales has observed that Decree and it has been described as irresponsible (to all those who signed it), as well as she announced a process of investigation to find the guilty parties (and have not been dismissed).

The Minister should know that the responsible party for DS 29874 is the one leading the signatures: President Morales. Seems that the trials to the President will not have to wait long. Another item that afflicts the Government’s is the contract with Jindal Steel & Power, 2007, which includes a commitment to deliver to the company natural gas volumes that now do not exist.

Because of that contract, authorized by His Excellency, the Government is in trouble, such as requiring him to threaten to break the contract, to propose hasty nationalizations, to offer solutions under the table, all for not daring to say that Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos doesn’t have the necessary gas for the internal development of the country.

Or is that the President should read what he signs. And his idea to say “it wasn’t me” at the time of going to jail is for cowards.