Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

TIPNIS has the date and THE place set to start defense of its territory and our national park!

ANF news agency reports and is published in El Deber’s website:

The 9th [protest] march will depart seven months after the Government of President Evo Morales restrain the indigenous people who participated in the 8th march, precisely in the town of Chaparina, a few kilometers of Yucumo. [the date is set for April 25, 2012]

“The determination of the indigenous people has been formalized, it has been difficult to take a decision but on consensus.” “Will leave from the town of Chaparina a point which has much significance for us by the cruel repression the Government gave us,” explained the indigenous Assemblyman Pedro Nuni to radio Santa Cruz.

According to the information provided by the Assemblyman, the mobilization will be with 50 per cent of indigenous people from the TIPNIS because it was determined that the rest will remain inside the territory to resist “the onslaught” of the Government.

In Trinidad, the Minister of Government, Juan Ramon Quintana met with 25 indigenous representatives from the Isiboro Sécure Park However, at the conclusion of the meeting, the public authority, nor the indigenous people wanted to provide details of that meeting to the media.

In La Paz, led by human rights activists announced the installation of a vigil in doors of the public prosecutor’s Office demanding that the violent suppression of Yucumo, elucidate six months from what happened.

“In our Constitution the rights to justice is guaranteed, here there have been serious violations of human rights which are without investigating because the prosecution doesn’t want to do it”, said Olga Flores, human rights activist and representative of the Association of persons who disappeared during the dictatorship.


While that is finally taking shape and it is expected that all stakeholders of our environment, here and abroad, do show support in all ways possible, there are other issues pending for clarification, like it is portrayed in this cartoon from El Diario, March 22, 2012.

The head of a political party, formerly allied with current government is shouting: “the road through the ‘TIPNIS’ forest reserve has a surcharge of 100 million dollars…! Hey! watch out!..” while government officials intend to quiet him down…