Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

The ninth indigenous march, in defense of the TIPNIS is underway!!

El Deber’s website reports:

After the thirtieth meeting of ‘corregidores’ [local leaders] of the indigenous territory and Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS) defined the beginning of the ninth indigenous [protest] march for April 20th, the Vice-President of the Confederation of Mojeños Ethnic Peoples of Beni (CPEMB), Miriam Yubánore, asked the social organizations of the nine departments of the country to join in this deployment, it seeks to prevent the construction of the section II of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road through the heart of this natural reserve.

While it was defined the date of the start of the march [protest walk], it is yet to be defined the starting point of mobilization, the same that will be fixed in the third national meeting of the Central Commission of indigenous peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB), which represents 34 peoples of the East, Chaco and Amazonia of the country, such meeting still has no date.

“This march will determine many things, because it is not only in defense of the TIPNIS, but of all the territories of all the protected areas and of the wildlife of Bolivia, this 9th March will not be only from the 36 indigenous peoples of Bolivia, it will also be the social organizations of the nine departments” There are sometimes people who do not know the TIPNIS, but they are just fighting; “we know that in the cities, many are willing to return to walk with us, we are pleased and congratulate those people,” said Yubánore.

The leaders of the CIDOB and Isiboro Sécure National Park and indigenous territory considered to be fundamental that the people of the cities join the new indigenous mobilization, they invited several social and civic organizations of the country and from abroad to join this measure of pressure, they will seek to defend all the protected areas and indigenous territories of Bolivia, and enforce the rights of mother earth.

Another of the conclusions [at their meeting] is the support to indigenous leaders who were summoned by prosecutors to testify about the alleged kidnapping of Chancellor David Choquehuanca on September 24, 2011 in Chaparina Beni. This determination was accepted by 39 ‘corregidores’ of the 64 that exist within the Park.

The meeting also determined to seize vessels and sliders of the Bolivian Navy who were commissioned to transport food and clothing on the part of the Government to encourage villagers to participate in the consultation stipulated by law 222, which said if they agreed with the construction of the road Villa Tunari San Ignacio de Moxos to go by the middle of the TIPNIS.


I hope the date to determine where will this new march start from, be defined soon, so that those who want to participate start gathering. Bolivia must protect its national parks, so let us all show TIPNIS and CIDOB the support they need!!