Daily Archives: March 11, 2012

Coca-ine issues prior to the shameful trip to Vienna…

The government is planning a trip next week to Vienna, to advocate coca chewing and in a way trying to amend the big mistake of abandoning the Vienna Convention. A major failure in the diplomatic arena that adds to the hectic and haphazard way the negotiations that are taking place with Chile.

This cartoon is from La Razon, March 2, 2012. Journalists reported how the Cochabamba University campus in the Sajta valley, Chapare were filled with cocaine labs. The worst thing was the intent of a prosecutor to capture those journalists instead of the drug dealers!!

The coca growers are deploying all their logistics and pressure to portray chewing as something most of Bolivians do. Nothing more wrong and only demonstrates how nervous they feel as the international community will more likely reject that petition.

This is from El Diario, March 8, 2012. Two scavengers talking: “…here it says that eve will go to Vienna, and will take many coca growers with him!” and the other says “…maybe they are going to give some lectures regarding chewing to the Viennese..!”

Had they planned something similar prior to stepping out of the Convention, they would have realized it was impossible and they could have saved us the shame.

However, current government officials and coca growers do have a growing and almost chronic arrogance, they believe the world evolves around them, as it is reflected in this last cartoon, from La Razon, March 1, 2012. Where two people are saying “atrocious!” and the other says “which one of them all?” Every time current president speaks, one of his adulators steps in to ‘translate’ what he meant to say… Women in particular were the target of bad taste jokes.