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Bolivian worker’s demands – March 2012

El Deber reports:

The National Executive Committee of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB – main worker’s union in Bolivia), has to disseminate within 20 days, the resolutions of the last expanded national meeting, where a national minimum wage of Bs 8,300 [Bs6.96 per dollar] as the basis for wage negotiations with the Government.

On the other hand, the Minister of labour, employment and Social Security, Daniel Santalla, at the time to point out that he did not know of that request, said his Office is waiting for the proposal for wage increases from the COB.

The COB has 20 days to publicize the resolutions adopted among all workers country-wide. The determinations include a basic basket of Bs 8,300 demand; demand to respect the law of protection of the TIPNIS, adopted last year; and support to the medicine doctors and health workers against the imposition of daily eight-hour workday Decree.


Now, the government must come to a decision that will not hamper our quest for competitiveness; otherwise blockades, marches and turmoil will again hit our roads and streets…

For now, what can we expect is reflected in the cartoon from El Diario, March 2, 2012. The sign on top of the tree reads “Bolivian economic stability” where current economic minister is tied and the president is fleeing in a rush… the dynamites read “another presidential palace, Chinese satellite, helicopters, trips, summits”