Hotels to enjoy Uyuni salt plains; red/green lagoons and volcanoes!! Red Tayka is there to stay!

There are wonderful news that will help enjoy the beautiful sites that lovely Potosi has to offer. Angela Carrasco writes for La Prensa:

The creation of four hotels promotes and helps the development of indigenous communities of the Salar de Uyuni [salt plains].

Hotel Tayka the salt; Tayka the stone; Talya the desert; and hotel Tayka Los Volcanes [volcanoes] are four buildings that the Tayka hotels ecological community network created as attractive holiday sites, in order to encourage tourism in the country and promote economic support to the communities of those places.

A project inspired by a great idea. According to Gretzel Sunna, head of marketing of hotels “network Tayka is the result of the winning project of the contest organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the year 2002”.

The project proposed and created by the IES Foundation (formerly Prodem) involves Southwest indigenous communities from Potosi department as key actors and shareholders of companies [S.R.L. limited responsibility] for the management of four hotels in the framework of the principles of community-based ecotourism and sustainable tourism in indigenous populations.

Sunna added: “innovative working model maintains a commitment to responsible tourism that contributes to improve the quality of life of community members”.

So the herders join as partners, hotels contributed with training in the areas of lodging and tourism to more than 120 people from nearby communities, so that they can be directly involved in the generation of jobs, contribute to the economic benefits, promote the improvement of the current tourist services in the region and the economic movement in the country.

A well deserved rest. According to Sunna, “each of the spaces has their characteristics.” “The hotel Tayka de Sal, located in the town of Tahua, is surrounded by natural and cultural attractions of great importance, such as the majestic Salar de Uyuni, the volcano Thunupa, the Tahua community, the Museum of Chantani and the Chillguilla Takana, among others”.Also added: “the hotel Tayka de Piedra  surrounded by volcanoes, stunning rock formations, marine fossils and pre-Columbian sites like the galaxies cave, Cave of the devil, people burned, people shelter Ikala, Tojota Pukara and the five smaller beautiful lakes.”

Bs160 [around $23 dollars] is the cost of the stay in a comforting room for a well deserved rest

4 are the community ecological hotels that offers the Tayka network to help communities.

Two havens in the Andean region. Hotel Tayka del Desierto, located in the heart of the desert Siloli, is ideal to admire the reserve’s flora and Andean fauna, Eduardo Avaroa Park, where the wonderful Lakes of colors [green and red], the geysers of morning sun and the stone tree.

Another proposal for tourists. Hotel Tayka de los Volcanes, located in Santiago de Lípez, has as main attractions Uturunco volcano [fastest growing Bolivian volcano], the mining complex Buena vista, the Palacio Quemado, Condor Wasi and Oke Tower.

Kudos go to Red [network] Tayka, they made it to the Bolivian Hall of Fame!!

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