El Poncho, beautiful and unique hotel near Cochabamba

Jushara Salomon from Pagina Siete reported on this new venture which increases the alternatives for those tourists from Bolivia and abroad:

Eucalyptus and pines surround the resort El Poncho, located at the foot of the mountain Marquina, aside from the impressive Tunari, [near] in the city of Cochabamba. [there are many bird species worth enjoying seeing]

After passing through the wooden gate and the stone wall, at the entrance to the hotel, three llamas and a vicuña bring also a kind of welcome.

In the resort you can see the distribution of the cabins for guests (what to Westerners has the shape of the constellation Orion) the shape of an Andean poncho, according to the vision of our ancestral cultures. [for the full Spanish article, use this link]


For more pictures and full description of services and overall information, please visit the website for El Poncho (below); please bear in mind that photos take a while to download but the lapse is worth it!


Kudos for this beautiful and innovative service! El Poncho made it to the Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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