Crocohides, a Bolivian pride!

Pagina Siete reports on another innovative entrepreneurial activity for Bolivia:

A company dedicated to the tanning and the manufacture of articles made with exotic skins attempts to expand the export market for their products, after having managed to generate value added to the leather of Bolivian crocodile accessories of high quality and Italian technology, reported the Chamber of Exporters of Santa Cruz (Cadex).

Crocohides, a company dedicated to the manufacture of belts, wallets and accessories leather crocodile with their own brands, has managed to provide their products of high quality thanks to their skilled labor, selected materials and processes and technologies acquired in Italy, one of the related world of fashion and the market of leather, specified Cadex.

“Without a doubt, the fashion world is changing, is fast-paced and complex;” “therefore, we are in a continuous innovation of materials, buckles and endings in furs that we use, thus giving a unique and distinctive touch of our brand,” said the general manager of Crocohides, Alejandro Franulic.

According to Franulic, the company plans to export 30,000 skins this year to the international market and 10,000 belts, but this time under its own brand, Giorgio Sicurezza, “a synonym for exclusivity, luxury and quality”. Crocohides already exports 10,000 belts in a wide range of colors, textures and types of skin, to Italy, France, Mexico, United States and Brazil. A belt in Europe can cost up to 300 euros.

The company is part of the initiative “Champions of export”, handled by the Cadex, with the cooperation of the Al Invest IV program, for the internationalization of the SMEs of the European Commission (EC).

The project gives entrepreneurs a marketing plan of exports, allowing them to identify, evaluate and select target export markets as well as to receive advice and business contacts to participate in international fairs.

Crocohides began with the production of 2,000 skins, reaching to a total of 50,000 units. According to Franulic, this is a very demanding business, because exotic leather tanning processes are complex. However, the company has been growing at a good pace and currently generates 40 direct jobs in the production chain.

The hatchery that obtained furs is associated with the company, which works with environmentally friendly production practices. This is, precisely, one of the requirements to enter international markets, for which reason the hatchery and the company have welcomed plans for sustainable management of the Caiman Yacaré in Bolivia, achieving certification CITES, which allows them to export leather and wild meat.

Crocohides is not only a reference in exotic leather fashion, but also a pioneer in Bolivia in this complex area.

Kudos to Crocohides, they made it to the Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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