What will this year bring us Bolivians, politically??

With the new ministers’ cabinet, many people coincide its is a political and conflict-prone one, in preparation for the 2014 elections and in a desperate move to regain control and acceptance. El Dia’s cartoon from January 24, 2012 shows power/force displayed, the sign reads “applause” and the banner “second anniversary of the pluri-national state of Bolivia”. It is the last sign of a governmental effort to re-write Bolivian history. For this government ideologist (many European “thinkers”, Venezuelan, Cuban and Bolivian “ideologists” have worked towards the creation of a symbol in the person of current president. The way he was sworn-in as president in Tiwanaku, and the excessive arrogance that nothing in our lifestyles is worth preserving is the cause of this demential intend to erase our past, our identity.

This is from El Diario, January 25, 2012. It shows how chaos is eroding the soil where all the social movements that appeared as a result of this political party in government. We see that all the organizations are pushing down the festivity of this government, on the holiday they invented. The irony is that chaos will erode until it reaches and make the other fall down as well.

What else could have been expected? If there is anarchy, drug trafficking, corruption, no-job creation, no exports allowed, increasing fuel and food imports, and demagogic subsidies? to name a few of current Bolivia’s problems. The worst thing is that not only this government’s survival is in peril but our lives as citizens of this beautiful country.

We will have to cope with political instability as well as the international economic crisis… so one more time I’d recommend save your money/income for those hard times. And when there is time for elections, use your best judgment, this last six years have become a nightmare, is up to you to decide whether or not to perpetuate those individuals in power; speak-up, show your concern and educate those of us who are not aware of this debacle.

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