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Bolivian government to lose control of the Congress/Assembly…

After the violent police aggression to the TIPNIS protest-walk group, current government decisions and prestige are going down the hill, at a very fast rate… this time the government is trying to undo the law that protects the TIPNIS park and indigenous territory from a road. Well, the indigenous groups of the lowlands have decided to “pull out” of the coalition they had with the political ruling party MAS. La Razon reports:

The decision, explained Congressman Bienvenido Zacu, is in response to the plan of the ruling party, including Senator Adolfo Mendoza, who opened the debate on the law of protection of the Indigenous Territory and National Park Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS) to implement a consultation process and define the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road through the Park.

Representations of indigenous peoples were gathered between Tuesday and yesterday to analyze the measures that will take place to avoid that the ruling party reaches its objective. One of the decisions was to break the Alliance with the MAS and create a “group” with three titular members and five alternates, who will end up affecting the power of the majority.

Zacu and Pedro Nuni were elected with the acronym of the ruling party, and his colleague Julio Cortez, by the opposition national convergence (CN). The Party of Evo Morales won 87 seats in the lower chamber and therefore two-thirds of the votes in that legislative body, who will now lose with the removal of the two indigenous leaders.

Similar situation will happen in the plenary of the Legislative Assembly, where 111 votes do 2/3. The MAS had the control of 114 caucus-goers, deputies and senators, but by losing the two Indigenous and three members of their former ally (MSM); that will also change the correlation of forces, MAS will stay with 109 seats of the lower chamber which has 130 seats. With the 36 seats of the Senate, the legislative power has 166 seats.

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Ruling party and current Bolivian president were accustomed to brag about their control over the nation; now they lose the two thirds at the Congress, which was crucial for them to keep their ‘dictatorial’ management style and will be forced to negotiate and start dialogue with their former allies and the opposition. Which is good, as a country can not be ruled unilaterally.

This government aimed at 100 new laws to shape their narrowed vision of a country, now they have cut down them to 70. In any case, and well inside the XXI century, they advocate old ideas and policies which have failed elsewhere in the world last century. Their open hate to the USA and capitalism has clouted their vision to do something relevant to overcome poverty. Instead, anarchy, narcotraffick and corruption have increased exponentially, without even mentioning how undermined the whole Bolivian society has become in the last six years. If the ruling party has succeeded in anything, was by increasing the coca/cocaine business and in having all Bolivians fight among each other.

With this new composition of the Congress/Assembly I do hope current government acknowledges their mistakes and begin to work with the rest of us.