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Bolivian presidential peculiarities…

The newspapers El Dia and La Razon portrayed some presidential peculiarities in their editions of January 13, 2012

In El Dia’s we see him on top of his loyal party members receiving reprimands of their actions… or joust taking punishment because he just felt like doing so. On his back you can see the word “boss” on his back, which is the term some of their inner circle call him. He used to say the same to some people he met when he was a congressperson and just a coca grower union leader. That word, “jefazo” can have negative connotation and can also probably have some irony in it, when he used the word to someone he needed help but only got/received that respect; after that and once he managed to seize political power and became Bolivian president and coca grower leader at the same time, he enjoyed the word being said to him. In any case it denotes the temper and arrogance of a dictator and the servitude of the rest around him, who allow him to treat them like that. In Bolivia there is a saying, if the river sounds it is because it brings rocks… so if this cartoon and others appear, it is simply a way to denote such personality and managerial style.

In this cartoon, La Razon shows another peculiarity of current president’s managerial style. The legend says: “by their own subaltern initiative” and you the president’s “trying” not to pay attention of dome military undoing, who send the airplanes after the TIPNIS violent aggression suffered from police brutality, when they were marching towards La Paz. The trial has “deflected” those actions, of taking the arrested indigenous people to unknown destiny. This example is just one of many, where any common dictator here and/or abroad does one thing and then denies such things if they went wrong. A democracy, a real one has checks and balances, has the three powers separated from each other.

Thus, these are some peculiar Bolivian politician’s behavior of those in charge of our old and for now extinct Republic. Over the short run, we may see this government trying to change the short law that was protecting the TIPNIS… the news say that within the next two weeks, this government will try to undo a law they sanctioned… quo vadis Bolivia??!