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Santa Cruz Governor Ruben Costas under political persecution; one victory but several more charges are likely to continue

From El Deber’s website, report made by C. Delgado y M. Chuquimia: Suspended charges against Rubén Costas

The seventh judge of investigation criminal, Ivan Córdova, determined yesterday to rescind the Declaration of rebellion and the arrest warrants against Governor Rubén Costas by the proceedings for contempt, followed by the Prosecutor Marcelo Soza.

“Citizen Rubén Costas has a memorial presented by means of which he presents before the subscribed judge and purge the rebellion charge;” “This means that the accused is prepared to appear before the judge and thus it nullifies all the measures that were arranged”, said the judge.

He added that with this decision, lawyers for the complainants will be notified and shall be immediately set back the date and time of the final hearing that was suspended as a result of what was submitted by the defence.

The judicial authority also reiterated that “all measures” are suspended, which had been against the Governor, including the order not leave the jurisdiction and the preventive annotation of the assets of the accused; which had been prepared by the predecessor judge, Orlando Rojas.

In the opinion of the accusing lawyer, Moises Ponce de Leon, this resource of the Defense lifted all measures, but at the same time recognizes the authority and jurisdiction of the judge that instructed the “purge of rebellion”.

Prosecutor Marcelo Soza said that they will accept the Court decision, but they will use all their resources so that the Governor from Santa Cruz responds to the statements he has made. He denounced the fact that the Governor’s Office is using the resources of the State to defend its main authority.

In this regard costs lawyer Richard Cardozo indicated formally that they have no resolution stating that determination, but considers that prior to set date for the final hearing, they have to solve the constitutional protection filed. In addition, they expect response to other incidents where there is no crime, because the contempt is committed by a particular and not an elected authority, as is the case of the Governor.

Although this determination became known yesterday evening, at noon the vigil was discontinued; which was in support of the Governor, however, they are maintaining the emergency and mobilization.

Commerce sectors, artisans, peasants, school boards, boards of neighbors, the Departmental Worker’s Union, members of the Departmental Assembly and parliamentarians gave their support to Ruben Costas, who appreciated the support and asked them to remain on alert, because it has other processes that seek to drive him out of the political career.

“They are going to work all this year to go after me, to weaken me, so that later this year they can suspend me, because the 2013 and 2014 are election years and want to have an expedite free way”, stated the Governor.

The Mayor Percy Fernandez also came to offer his support, as well as the indigenous caucus of the departmental Legislative Assembly.

On Wednesday Costas will be before another judge

Governor Ruben Costas faces 15 processes in justice, including the two contempt which followed the Prosecutor Marcelo Soza and Vice President Álvaro García Linera.

Next Wednesday, by 10: 00, he has to appear before the second Court of investigation in criminal matters, in a precautionary measures hearing, where the representative of the public prosecutor’s Office is asking for the pre-trial detention of Costas. This is a complaint for breach of duties and uneconomic behaviour.

The process, which follows the Auditor General, has to do with resources for the improvement of seeds for distribution in the provinces. The charge is based on that funds were allegedly used from the direct tax to hydrocarbons (IDH) that are intended for other purposes. The Defense considers that there is no legal argument for the authority to be prosecuted.

Governor Costas is still forbidden to leave the jurisdiction by the process that follows the Ministry of Transparency for misappropriation of resources of the State and performance against the laws for the implementation of the autonomy referendum on 4 May 2008.


Sorry for the translation, as it is hard to translate legal terms in any language! Due to the importance of this issue I left nothing out of this update of Governor Ruben Costas.