Daily Archives: January 29, 2012

Bolivian state-owned enterprises’ performance and competitiveness??

As it could have predicted and like it happened in the old USSR, actual Cuba and former China, the performance of the state-owned companies who are “the pride” of current government’s policy, Pagina Siete reports…

Pagina Siete logoNearly two years of the commencement of its operations, the income generated by State-owned strategic enterprises Lacteosbol, Bolivian company of almonds (EBA) and Cartonbol only cover its costs of operation and in the case of the first obtained a minimum of net income (after taxes).

The Government considers that the social gain is the greatest benefit to date.

The general manager of the service of development of the productive public companies (SEDES), Patricia Ballivián, informed to Pagina Siete that last year the three companies had a total income of Bs61.5 million, and that the only net income was Bs22,000 for Lacteosbol, alone.

This last company reported income by approximately Bs11 million. While Cartonbol generated Bs3.5 million and EBA, Bs47 million.


I strongly believe that this government in their sixth year should stop “learning” as current president likes to talk… evidence is out there, government should make sure that private investment will bring more employment and tax revenues to Bolivia. PERIOD!! Everything else is pure demagogy and totally unrealistic for our economy and work force.