Daily Archives: January 28, 2012

And the Bolivia coca/cocaine keeps flowing…

It is almost impossible not to refer to how coca/cocaine is news, everyday, every week in Bolivia. This cartoon is from El Dia, January 25, 2012. As a result of the try-lateral accord between the USA, Bolivia and Brazil, this cartoon portrays that not only the governments have signed memos of understanding but also the coca/cocaine trafficking have similar understandings… the coca grower/cocaine producer with the transporter, all the way to the market. Chile has also made publicly their open intend to control better the border with Bolivia.

This other cartoon is from La Prensa, January 26, 2012. two coca growers are in the underground of Bolivia and one says: “we need more land to plant coca” this shows how much the coca plantations have grown over time, they no longer have respect for national parks, indigenous territories; long gone are the days where only portions of Yungas in La Paz or the Chapare where coca was harvested.

News from towns who “rescue” people who were caught with cocaine or in those labs are becoming normal; a large number of people in towns across Bolivia are now the places where cocaine is produced. You may see money in the markets, restaurants and canteens, and it is not because we are producing more legal products, they are income from the illicit narcotrafficking.

Not an easy task to fight cocaine but also hard to help those drug addicts who increase in number. In addition our labor force suffers, our environment is depleted, the crime rates are in the rise and Bolivian prestige worldwide is hampered.

This update adds more humor as it is the only possible thing we could from our end, is from La Razon, January 28, 2012. Coca crops is everywhere and coca growers are more and more violent as they realize and embrace their political and economical power. Our police does its best and the new try-national accord may bring some aid to the rescue, but it is not enough…