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Yapacani, El Chore, Amboro Park, coca and three dead people. January 2012

El Deber and ANF report about the violence in the Yapacani municipality, El Chore reserve being invaded and the coca crop which is worse than an epidemic. Three people died as a result of municipality conflicts between different groups who belong to the current political party in power, and police intervention:

The leader of the Inter-Agency Committee of Yapacaní, Cyril Sorabí, reported  this Friday 13, 2012 that there are interests of growers who live in the area of the Choré to expand their plantations of coca in the Amboró Park, which was not allowed by the people who took the decision to allocate land to their children and not for the benefit of those coca growers. [who are there illegally anyway!!]

Sorabí pointed out that former Mayor David Carvajal did not would execute any action against the expansionist intentions of coca producers, which was denounced to the Ministry of Government [former Ministry of Interior] for some time, however there was no response to prevent the expansion of the coca in that region. “Faced with this situation the population of Yapacaní viewed a complicity with the coca growing sector of the zone and the authorities of the municipality [Executive]”, he added.

“There was an alliance with settlers in the Choré, who are mostly in the natural reserve and their work in the reserve is to trade with land, coca plantations and logging are the only things they do there; while at to that the Amboró Park, we are still respecting this protected area, this worries us because no one says anything, because they do not eradicate these coca plantations”, the interests of the growers is to take the power, they want the Mayor Office, the municipal Council, they want the governorship, but we will not let them”, told Sorabí to Panamericana radio.


For his part, the Secretary of institutional coordination and regional development of the governorate of Santa Cruz, Oscar Ortiz, said that the pressures of the growers of the Tropic of Cochabamba to extend the coca plantations in Yapacaní resulted in conflict and the deaths of three people.

Considers that although there is a tense calm in Yapacaní, now it should be important the prevention of new social and political conflicts so people can have the peace of mind that there will be a serious and transparent investigation addressed to establish the responsibilities against the authorities and individuals who fired bullets and pellets against the population.

“This conflict is from the movement to socialism (MAS) because of political, economic interests; many of its leaders have confronted each other in this municipality and one of the main causes of tension is the neighboring Chapare area because many growers want to come to plant coca to Yapacaní, the Choré or the Amboró Park, it is a very serious conflict,” noted Ortiz to the Unitel TV network.

Also responsible for this problem is the Government that “allowed the conflict to escalate” despite knowing the alleged acts of corruption by former Mayor David Carvajal, who resigned last Wednesday following the death of three people in clashes with the police.


In other words, a very similar scenery when the USSR had internal conflicts among their party members, everyone reaching for quotas of power, very anarchic and we are in the middle of it!!