Daily Archives: January 22, 2012

The Bolivian permissive, highly questioned and repudiated coca/cocaine boom!

The coca/cocaine violent and illegal business no longer damages the health and lives of people abroad but also inside our beloved country. It does not only damage our labor force and families but also has reinforced the overseas stereotype that all Bolivians traveling are smuggling cocaine.

The following cartoons show how society perceives not only current Bolivian president who proudly presents himself as the leader of the coca growers, but how societal values continue to be undermined in the presence of money laundering, violence and drug addiction.

La Prensa (January 20, 2012) illustrates the Bolivian map and the legend reads: “the magical kingdom of cocaineland”

Today, newspapers mention a treaty between the USA and Brazil with Bolivia, regarding coca crop eradication, with the UN as overseers. Undoubtedly the international pressure to eradicate the prime input for cocaine, sets aside the political discourse of current government, against the capitalism and the empire.

This cartoon appeared January 21, 2012 in El Diario: Bolivian citizens watching the public official in charge of coca issues, who is also a member of the coca growers of the Chapare saying: “…with the police we will eradicate all the excess coca that exists in the country…” to what the man says “while there is more eradication, there is more coca planted!” and the woman replies “why would it be that those who plant are never sanctioned! right..?”

Bolivian society and the rest of the world cannot understand why there is more coca plantations than what is legal and why doesn’t the law is enforced? An example out of the many out there: Few years back, a military officer and his wife were brutally murdered in the Chapare and until now, there is no justice.

It hurts to compare Bolivia with countries like Afghanistan where illegal drug growers have evolved until they are a risk to their citizens and the whole world. But, certainly Bolivia is becoming a despicable kingdom of a drug, of a plant that harmed the lives of the indigenous people whom lived under the rule of the Inca and now Bolivia, Peru, Colombia are the ones who suffer more under violent cocaine cartels.