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TIPNIS fight for their rights continues, January 12, 2012

El Diario issued ANF’s report on an emergency meeting called by CIDOB, regarding the relentless intention to have a road cut the TIPNIS, today’s cartoon from El Diario also portrays the open support to those ‘questioned’ protesters (many have coca plantations and have absolutely nothing to do with the ownership of a national park that belongs to ALL Bolivians.

The Confederation of East Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB) convened 34 indigenous nationalities to a national emergency Commission for next Monday at its headquarters in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra to discuss the defense of the short law, for the preservation of the indigenous territory and National Park Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS).

The indigenous Council of the South (Conisur) march got a Subcommittee of the Legislative Assembly to take into account its demand for the annulment of the law on preservation of the TIPNIS and to continue with the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road through the TIPNIS. The report of this legislative body will be discussed in the Legislative Assembly session this Friday.

“The first National Commission will be carried out here in our big house (casa grande) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, on Monday and Tuesday.” “(we) Never had convened a National Commission on an emergency basis, but we must stop this abusive attitude,” warned the President of the CIDOB.


According to the indigenous leader lawmakers and President Evo Morales are making wrong decisions and he warned that if it cancels the law of the TIPNIS, the Government could face serious problems similar to “black February” or “black October”. [times of extreme violence and as result president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada was forced to leave office, a conflict in part generated by current government’s organizations and supporters]

“Do not get more wood into the grill, when fire is trying to be put out, we are asking in a very humble way. Legislators should watch their hands and they should avoid bathing in blood ink when they want to pass that law,” said Chavez.


Unlike others, we know the determination and resolve of the TIPNIS and CIDOB leaders and people, so this government should know better and keep the short law as is. There must not be a road through TIPNIS which only benefits narco trafficking and illegal settlers.